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World News | Indian-born jailed and fined for attacking Singapore police officer


SINGAPORE, July 11 (Xinhua) — An Indian man who punched and kicked a police officer during a raid was sentenced to nine years and 18 months in prison and fined S$4,000 on Monday.

Nikhil M. Durgude, 25, had previously pleaded guilty to eight charges including intentionally injuring to prevent a public servant from performing his duties, possession of marijuana and smoking nails, The Straits Times reported. phenylamphetamine.

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Fifteen other charges were also considered during sentencing.

District Court Judge Jasvender Kaur noted that Nikhil had also abused police officers during the attack, saying it showed his “complete disregard for authority”.

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“Officials should feel assured that they will be fully protected by the law,” the judge added.

On November 5, 2020, three police officers, including Senior Constable Cai Mingzheng and Inspector Zheng Yiyang, went to a unit of City Suites in Balestier when the police took action against a series of cheating cases.

They spoke to Nikhil and two others (Prakash Mathivanan, then 36, and Malani Naidu, then 33) in the living room. Naidu Prabhakar Naidu)) identified himself as a policeman.

The three squatted down as ordered, put their hands on their heads, and began talking to each other.

After Senior Staff Sergeant Chua directed them to stop, Prakash stood up and lunged at the officer, causing him to fall. Prakash then hit the officer in the face and upper body.

Inspector Jung draws his revolver, points it at the couch in the general direction of Prakash and Nikhil, and orders Prakash to stop attacking Senior Staff Sergeant Chae.

However, Prakash turned around and grabbed his gun-holding hands.

Senior Staff Chae tries to get up to assist Inspector Jung, but Nikhil jumps up and starts punching and kicking him repeatedly. He fell again, and Nikhil continued to attack and abuse Senior Staff Sergeant Tsai, who was lying on the floor.

After a while, two other officers entered the unit, and Nikhil stopped attacking Senior Staff Sergeant Tsai.

At this time, Sergeant Cai, the senior staff officer, had fallen to the floor with blood on his face.

Three people were arrested. Nikhil was taken to Central Police Headquarters where his urine tested positive for methamphetamine.

“The accused attacked an officer who was trying to intervene in a dangerous situation, effectively preventing Senior Staff Sergeant Cai from assisting Officer Cheng,” the prosecution said.

The court quoted the prosecution as saying: “The accused uttered insults to the victim during the attack, which indicated that the accused acted with some degree of malice.”

Prakash was shot in the abdomen during the fight and was taken to hospital.

In August 2022, he was sentenced to three years and 10 months in prison for theft, fraud and drug-related offences.

His other charges, including intentionally inflicting injury to prevent a public servant from carrying out his duties, remain pending.

Nikhil could be sentenced to up to seven years in prison, caned or fined for intentionally injuring a public servant.

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