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WORLD NEWS | Japanese furniture fair attracts visitors

WORLD NEWS | Japanese furniture fair attracts visitors

Japanese furniture fair attracts visitors

Tokyo [Japan]28th February (ANI): A furniture fair recently held in Japan featured a variety of entry-conscious products.

Fukui prefecture in Japan is famous for wood and timber. Inside this trailer, is a special wooden theater room.

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Since this space is carefully designed and made of wood, it brings warmth and high-quality sound to visitors.

Reizo Iwasa, an official of the Fukui Wood Industry Federation, said, “There are many cedar trees in Fukui Prefecture, so we are participating in exhibitions and sales of various tree products. I would like you to set it up on hotel and resort facilities. For example, it is set up in a On the large lawn square, used as a theater room.

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“Also, I want you to feel comfortable around Japanese cedar trees. There are various traditional crafts using cedar from Fukui Prefecture, so I would appreciate it if you could feel the technology in this facility or other products,” Iwasa added road.

One of the attractions of inbound is Japan’s bathing culture.

Sauna originated in Northern Europe. Now popular in Japan, the sauna business has grown.

Barrel saunas are mostly imported. A Tokyo timber company enters the sauna business. This sauna facility features “all Japan”, made of Japanese materials, designs and techniques.

Takaaki Gokita of Samurai Sauna said, “There are many barrel saunas produced in Japan and overseas, and there are more than 30 sauna companies. Among them, we are the only company that produces pentagonal saunas. Our products are gradually being recognized in Japan, and we plan to Expand our sales channels around the world.

“The ability to adapt to outdoor living and nature is now a priority. This is a resort-style facility with a dome-shaped tent and bungalows on a vast natural site,” added Gokita.

Hideaki Tsutsui of Samurai Sauna said: “This is a new accommodation; we are presenting it, including the design of the facilities. When COVID-19 spreads, it is a reminder to avoid crowded spaces and congestion. Inbound tourists can eat river at a Japanese-style stove Boiling fish and learning about Japanese culture. Tourists can also learn more about local and Japanese charms. I think it’s very good for tourists who want to enjoy it.”

With some unique ideas accumulated during COVID-19, Japan is offering foreign tourists more comfort and new experiences. (Arnie)

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