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World News | Japanese Prime Minister Kishida’s visit to India: An opportunity to review progress in bilateral relations


Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida. (file photo)

New Delhi [India]March 19 (ANI): With Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida due to arrive in India on Monday for a two-day visit, the leader’s visit to the capital is seen as an excellent opportunity to review bilateral relations between the two countries.

Since the last India-Japan summit in March 2022, now is an important time to engage at the bilateral level as New Delhi and Tokyo hold the rotating presidencies of the G20 and G7 respectively.

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The partnership between the two countries covers defense and security, trade and investment, science and technology, education, healthcare, and critical and emerging technologies.

During Kishida’s visit to India, the two countries can forge common interests on important global challenges such as food and health security, energy transition and economic stability.

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At a news conference on Thursday, Arindam Bagchi, official spokesman for India’s Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), said Japan was a “very important partner”, stressing that India looked forward to the exchange of views.

“We are looking forward to the visit of the honorable Prime Minister of Japan on Monday. As you know, Japan is a very important partner of ours. We have an annual summit with them as part of that. They are also plurilateral and multilateral partnership builds, so We look forward to a rich discussion. We look forward to an exchange of views,” said the MEA spokesperson.

“The Prime Minister went to Japan last year. Prime Minister Kishida was also here, so we look forward to advancing these discussions, but what are the talking points and what will be the outcome, let the leaders talk. I think it’s still far away to judge. It’s too early,” says Arindam Bagchi.

However, he gave no details on the talking points of the discussions to be held between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Japanese counterpart.

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida will visit India on March 20-21. During his visit, he will hold talks with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The foreign ministry said in an official press release on March 10 that the leaders of the two countries will discuss bilateral and regional issues of mutual concern.

India and Japan share a “special strategy and global partnership”. India-Japan relations were upgraded to a “global partnership” in 2000, a “strategic and global partnership” in 2006, and a “special strategic and global partnership” in 2014.

India and Japan have held regular annual summits since 2006 (the last annual summit was held in New Delhi in March 2022).

Japan is a very close partner with whom we hold annual summits and 2+2 meetings of foreign and defense ministers. Annual summit and 2+2 foreign and defense ministers meeting with India.

New Delhi and Tokyo are part of the Quadrilateral Strategic Dialogue (QUAD), along with Australia and the US. It is a strategic security dialogue between Australia, India, Japan and the United States, sustained by dialogue among member states. The Quartet is committed to working with regional allies who support a free and open Indo-Pacific.

In addition, defense cooperation between the two countries has also become one of the key areas of contact.

In January 2023, our two countries successfully held the first fighter jet exercise “Veer Guardian” in Japan, which was an important milestone. It was followed by the fourth “Guardian” military exercise held for the first time in Japan.

Significant progress has been made in maritime security cooperation, including naval cooperation, and a large number of exercises have been conducted. In November last year, India participated in the International Fleet Review held in Japan and the Malabar exercise held off the coast of Japan. Prior to this, our two navies held JIMEX in September.

In terms of economic and trade relations, the bilateral trade volume between India and Japan reached 20.75 billion US dollars last year, a record high.

Japan is also the fifth largest investor in India as a large number of Japanese companies are exploring opportunities in various sectors in India.

Also, India and Japan have an Industrial Competitiveness Partnership (IJICP) where the two countries are collaborating to promote industrial cooperation between the two countries.

The roadmap for the IJICP (India-Japan Industrial Competitiveness Partnership) was launched at the annual summit in New Delhi in March 2022.

The IJICP meeting will be held in Tokyo on February 28, 2023. The meeting was co-chaired by the DPIIT Secretary on the Indian side and the Deputy Minister for International Affairs of METI on the Japanese side.

Japan and India launched a clean energy partnership during their annual summit held last year. It aims to promote energy cooperation between Japan and India through diversification and realistic energy transition utilizing all energy sources and technologies to ensure energy security, carbon neutrality and economic growth. (Arnie)

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