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World News | Nepal denounces Oli’s accusations of building a Buddhist university close to China


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Kathmandu [Nepal]March 6 (ANI): The Nepalese government has condemned former prime minister KP Sharma Oli’s allegations of setting up a Buddhist university in Mustang district with Indian aid.

A government spokesman issued a statement saying former prime minister Oli’s allegations were false and denying that the government had approved the establishment of a Buddhist university in an area close to the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR).

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“The statement that the government allowed the school team to be formed in Baragung Muktikshetra village committee in Mustang is delusional. We hereby announce that the Nepalese government has not taken any such decision,” Communications and Information Technology Minister Rekha Sharma said in a release.

Oli, a former prime minister and chairman of the Communist Party of Nepal-Nepal-United Marxist-Leninist (UML) claimed on Saturday that the government is planning to allow India to establish a Buddhist university in an area settled by Khamba rebels after fleeing Tibet. 20th Century.

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“In order to turn the country into a playground for foreigners, the government allowed India to open a Buddhist academy in Mustang. The plan is an attack on the country’s sovereignty,” the former prime minister claimed.

While criticizing, the former prime minister also accused the current prime minister of betraying China by accepting India’s proposal to open a Buddhist academy in the Himalayas.

Local media reported during the week in late February that the government was preparing to allow India to set up a Buddhist academy in the Mustang exclusion zone on the border with China’s Tibet.

According to reports, the Indian government plans to spend more than 700 million rupees to set up a Buddhist academy in the upper mustang restricted area. Barha Gaun Mukti Chettra Rural Municipality – The local body of the exclusion zone has sent an application to the Government of India through the Indian Embassy in Kathmandu for funds to build a Buddhist university.

Responding to the allegation, government spokesman Rekha Sharma condemned Oli’s claims in a statement on Sunday, saying the proposal was forwarded to the Indian government at the request of the local Barha Gaun Mukti Chettra Rural Municipality, but no final decision had been taken.

It is worth noting that the Buddhist monk Yema Sakya took the initiative to open the college, arranged land for it, and then applied to the Indian side through the Nepalese government.

Oli said at a gathering: “The establishment of a Buddhist academy in Mustang to appease foreigners is an attack on our nation and a betrayal of our friendly country, China.

He also attacked the current prime minister’s claim that he plans to establish a Buddhist academy in Mustang, reminiscent of the Khampa (Tibetan radicals) rebellion in the region in the early 1970s.

After some Tibetan militants launched military operations against China from Nepali territory, the Nepalese government peacefully disarmed the Khampa in 1974 and resettled them across the country.

“This is tantamount to denying the country’s sovereignty and independence,” Oli said, criticizing Dahal, who betrayed him after presidential elections later this week.

Further, Oli asked, “Why do you need to build a Buddhist academy in a place where no one lives?”

“Gai Wangdi was the leader of Khamba at that time (the Khamba uprising). Khamba was stationed near the village of Marfa. Now efforts are being made to establish a Buddhist academy in Luomantang, which is part of Upper Mustang, uninhabited, said Ollie.

“Only a few vested interests live there. This is a dangerous program that we should oppose and confront.”

A government spokesman also said questions raised by former prime minister Oli would be investigated, insisting no such decision had been taken so far. (Arnie)

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