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Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge 2023: Abdulaziz Ahli wins four in a row


Abdulaziz Ahli Continuing to cement himself as the best FIM driver on four wheels Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge Winning for an unprecedented third straight year as he dominates the 2023 edition.

Ahli is the clear favorite with his 2021 and 2022 ADDC victories – the only quad driver to win back-to-back – and his two-time defending Dubai Enduro title.he will include prelude.

The only leg he failed to win was second stage when Les Vidas Canchus Beat him in just 1 minute and 55 seconds. However, Cancius and the other four drivers in the class were already behind after Ali won the runner-up. Rudolph Girioli By 24:24 after the end of the first stage, they were unable to recover as Ahli claimed more stage wins. Kancius lost power on Stage 1 after being penalized and running out of fuel.

Still, Kancius leaves Abu Dhabi world rally championship Four point leader. Ahli not running The season-opening Dakar Rally Like Kancius, in fourth place.

“Overall I would rate the race positively: I won a speed stage, had a pretty tough battle with Abdulaziz Ahli on the track, he won the overall, no interference, good speed, patience on quads reliable,” Write Kancius on social media.

“One of the goals of this tournament was to get as many points as possible and move up from third in the overall standings. I succeeded – I now have 44 points in my account and I’ve moved up to the top of the World Championship overall standings.” The first one!”

CFMOTO teammates Adam Gancheris and Antanas Kanopkinas Mostly riding together. The strategy produced mixed results, from finishing high in third and fourth in each of the final three legs, to running out of gas on the same dunes on Stage 1. By the end, Gančierius was on the podium.

“The whole rally, as the name suggests, is a real desert challenge,” Kanopkinas, who finished fifth, said. “There were difficult moments, but all in all it was very good. I would love to ride it again.

“We rode dunes, large and small, all day long, and it made us discover the strengths and weaknesses of our technique. After driving so many kilometers, we discovered what improvements we needed to make to the quad. We will now be Better prepared for the Dakar Rally.”

Guillioli’s ADDC was penalized with a three-hour penalty for repairs at an unapproved location under marathon conditions, which required competitors to repair their vehicles in a special “work park” area during Stage 3 without outside assistance . He finished fourth when his quad failed late in the stage due to a spark plug issue, knocking him down further.

Pavel Otvinovski A mechanical problem prevented him from starting Stage 2, but he was able to continue and reach the finish line.

While the fact that there are only six drivers helps somewhat, Quads is the only category on the ADDC where every competitor finishes the race.

Four overall results

1174Abdulaziz Ahliabu dhabi team22:01:51leader
2162Les Vidas CanchusAG Dakar School23:07:33+ 1:05:42
3160Adam GancherisCFMOTO Thunder Team27:02:17+5:00:26
4165Rudolph GirioliRudolph Girioli27:54:27+5:52:36
5161Antanas KanopkinasCFMOTO Thunder Team44:09:15+ 22:07:24
6164Pawel Otvinovski*DUUST Diversity Rally55:36:00+33:34:09
* – Not participating in the World Rally Championship

four stage winner

prelude174Abdulaziz Ahliabu dhabi team47:36
stage 1174Abdulaziz Ahliabu dhabi team3:52:17
second stage162Les Vidas CanchusAG Dakar School4:21:45
The third phase174Abdulaziz Ahliabu dhabi team4:48:57
Phase 4174Abdulaziz Ahliabu dhabi team4:52:48
Stage 5174Abdulaziz Ahliabu dhabi team3:16:33


T1207Yazid Rajspeeding car16:28:06
T3302Seth QuinteroRed Bull Cross Country Youth Team16:58:31
T4400RokasbachuskaRed Bull Can-Am Factory Racing17:25:47
Rally Grand Prix42Adrian van BeverenMonster Energy Honda Rally Team17:13:39
Rally 296Tobias Ebst*SRG Motorsports2:36:51
quadruple room174Abdulaziz Ahliabu dhabi team22:01:51

W2RC Quad Ranking

1Les Vidas Canchus44leader
2Paul Coppetti38– 6
3Jura Ivarga30– 14
4Abdulaziz Ahli25– 19
5Carlos Alejandro Verza20– twenty four
6Adam Gancheris16– 28
7Rudolph Girioli13– 31
8Anton Kanopkin11– 33


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