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WORLD NEWS | Pakistan: Punjab warden to ‘let go’ to police if attacked by PTI staff

Crowds gathered in Lahore last week in support of former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan. (Photo/Reuters)

Lahore [Pakistan]March 20 (ANI): On Monday, Caretaker Chief Minister Punjab Mohsin Naqvi gave police “hands off” if they were “attacked” again and announced the formation of a Joint Investigation Team (JIT), Investigations into the chaos that took place in Zaman’s park last week, The Tribune reported.

While holding a press conference in Lahore, the provincial government has decided to send all the details of the incident to the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).

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Naqvi added that it was important to convey the presence of state and governance in the province. “The operation to clear the road was carried out two days ago because the road cannot be permanently closed,” he added.

He further said that police and rangers “had reached the doorstep of Pakistan Justice Instigation (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan but were called back twice because the government did not want any bloodshed”.

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Naqvi also said a vehicle of an elite unit was stopped and thrown into the canal.

“If a police car had been thrown into the canal, the decree of the state would have ceased to exist, but now the decree of the government will be established and the hand extended to the police will be broken,” he warned, according to the Tribune.

The caretaker chief minister also said the Inspector General (IG) had been given carte blanche to take appropriate measures, the Tribune reported, adding that the terms of the Rangers had also been extended.

He further stated that nothing that happened during the Zaman Park operation was the work of political workers, adding that “everyone knows who they are”.

Caretaker CM detailed that he stood with the province’s police force, warning that the same would be done for anyone who “raised their hands against the police”.

Showing a video of “PTI staff torture police officers,” Naqvi said it was impossible for police officers to be beaten while working.

“Political activity is everyone’s right, but this attitude will not be tolerated,” he insisted.

Naqvi also said the former prime minister was threatening the police, adding that if he did not trust the police, then he would give up the security provided by the Punjab police.

Caretaker CM also announced a compensation package for injured police officers. He said that the caretaker government had decided to provide PKR 100,000 to police officers who were slightly injured and PKR 500,000 to police officers who were seriously injured, he said, according to The Tribune.

On March 18, police stormed the Zaman Park residence of the head of PTI in Lahore, removed all barricades and doors, and conducted a “surprise” search operation on the premises.

During the operation, PTI staff reportedly clashed with elite troops and other police officers and destroyed official vehicles.

According to the First Information Report (FIR) of the case filed against PTI leaders and workers, senior PTI leaders invited armed men from the area and 13 policemen including a DSP were injured by stone-throwing by PTI workers.

In addition, the police also claimed that Constable Shafiq was tortured by 40 PTI workers on his way back from get off work. (Arnie)

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