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WORLD NEWS | Pakistani senator accuses ex-PTI govt of increased terror attacks

WORLD NEWS | Pakistani senator accuses ex-PTI govt of increased terror attacks

The LATAM Airlines plane hit the vehicle on the runway (Image: Twitter / @AirCrash_)

Islamabad [Pakistan]Chinanews.com, February 22. Pakistan People’s Party General Secretary and Pakistani Senator Wakar Mahdi criticized former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan in a speech at the House of Representatives, saying that terrorists were supported and encouraged by the Pakistani PTI government— —A report by the Dawn newspaper.

He said terrorists cannot be good people in any way because terrorists are terrorists. According to him, in 2014, the Pakistani Taliban (TTP) appointed Khan as part of a negotiating team for peace talks with the government.

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Senator Mahdi said that after the recent terrorist incident in Peshawar, the government decided to call a multi-party meeting, but Khan refused to attend. According to Dawn, this is a clear indication that he prefers his own political interests over issues related to national security.

According to the PPP senator, the previous government did not implement the National Action Plan (NAP) to combat terrorism and extremism in true spirit.

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Mahdi also condemned the terrorist attack on the Karachi police station and expressed condolences to the victims.

Senate Opposition Leader Shahzad Wasim criticized the government for its irresponsible approach to pressing issues and a grave crisis caused by a resurgence of terrorism and a collapsing economy.

According to a recent report by the Policy Research Group (POREG), terrorism in Pakistan is a form of self-harm. Pakistan has been cultivating terrorists in its backyard as part of its security and foreign policy. The country must now pay for this unfortunate event.

The problem, according to POREG, is that significant powers in Pakistan have made terrorism a ticking time bomb, initially placating the terrorists in the name of protecting Islam, and then launching a counterattack against them.

The challenge facing the country’s leadership is twofold. It must crush militants along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border and bring a sense of security and peace to the region. At the same time, the Pakistani military must contain the regrouping and development of various Islamic militant factions in Pakistan itself.

Under the slogan Ulasi Pasoon (Public Uprising), thousands of locals protested against the suicide attack on the Peshawar police mosque and the growing lawlessness in the area on February 5 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Behavior.

There were also riots in the Lakki Marwat, Mohmand and Malakand districts amid renewed terrorist threats. The security situation in the country has deteriorated over the past five months. After nightfall, people cannot go out of their homes, especially in Lakki Marwat.

According to POREG, calls for peace are growing by the day. Most young people are at the forefront of the peaceful march. They held high white flags, placards and banners, demanding that the government eliminate belligerence and ensure sustainable peace. (Arnie)

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