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World News | Reporting co-operation a big goal of Chinese and Russian governments: report

World News | Reporting co-operation a big goal of Chinese and Russian governments: report

washington [US]Jan. 1 (ANI): According to a report in US publication The Intercept, China and Russia’s bilateral agreement signed in July 2021 makes it clear that cooperation on news reporting and narrative is a big goal of both governments .

“During the virtual summit that month, leading Russian and Chinese government and media figures discussed dozens of cooperative projects, including exchanging news content, trading digital media strategies, and co-producing television programming,” the report said.

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The summit was organized with the joint efforts of Russia’s Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media and China’s State Administration of Radio and Television.

In the publicity agreement, the two sides pledged to “further cooperate in the field of information exchange to promote objective, comprehensive and accurate coverage of the world’s most important events.”

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They also plan to cooperate online and on social media, where the two countries spread disinformation. The two sides pledged to strengthen “mutually beneficial cooperation on issues such as integration, application of new technologies, and industry regulation.”

According to The Intercept, “in 2020, independent Russian-language news outlet Meduza reported the existence of such a propaganda agreement, which led to a deluge of pro-Beijing reporting in Russian media.”

“But this is the first time the text of the agreement has been published. The Ministry of Digital Development did not respond to a request for comment, nor did the Chinese embassy in Washington,” the report added, requesting comment. “

According to The Intercept, state news agencies TASS and Xinhua have pledged to exchange reports, and media outlets in other countries have agreed to publish supplements promoting each other’s countries.

According to Chinese and Russian news reports, the two countries have held an annual media cooperation meeting since 2008. While the partnership between the two countries appears to be aimed at domestic media, both countries have expanded their overseas media presence over the past decade.

A State Department spokesman said recently that the United States is reportedly concerned about China’s alliance with Russia during the Ukraine war and is closely monitoring Beijing’s activities to see if it provides any military or sanctions-evasion aid to Moscow.

“Beijing claims to be neutral, but its actions show that it remains invested in a close relationship with Russia,” a US spokesman said in a statement to CNN. (Arnie)

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