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WORLD NEWS | Turkey earthquake death toll rises to 24,617; search and rescue operations underway

WORLD NEWS | Turkey earthquake death toll rises to 24,617; search and rescue operations underway

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Antioch [Turkey]Feb. 12 (ANI): Rescue and search teams in the earthquake-stricken Antakya, Turkey, are racing against time to save people as the death toll in the country reaches 24,617.

One of Antakya’s beautiful cities has been reduced to a heap of ruins. Residents watched as their dream homes were reduced to ashes. Also, those houses that survived the strong earthquake are being demolished because it is dangerous for people. People watched with grief as their homes were destroyed.

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Women who lost their homes watched rubble rise from their houses with the help of open fires. Even the limousine could not withstand the earthquake and was reduced to ruins. Earthquake relief work is in full swing.

This beautiful Antakya mosque also did not survive the earthquake and was destroyed in the Turkish earthquake.

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An atmosphere of panic prevailed in the city… Police and military could be seen on the road giving way to ambulances and rescue vehicles. Seeing ambulances on the street has become quite common in Antakya.

As the death toll mounted, UN relief chief Martin Griffiths described the powerful earthquake that hit southern Turkey and northwestern Syria earlier this week as the “worst event” to hit the region in a century, Ana Dolu Agency said on Twitter.

Meanwhile, Turkish police have arrested about 100 people on suspicion of looting damaged buildings, robbing or defrauding victims of last week’s devastating earthquake, CNN reported, citing Turkey’s state-run news agency Anadolu.

At least 42 suspects have been investigated in Turkey’s southern Hatay province for looting damaged buildings, according to the security source, who wished to remain anonymous “due to media restrictions”.

At least 40 suspects were arrested and security teams seized six guns, three rifles, jewelry, bank cards, $11,000 and 70,000 Turkish lira (about $3,700) in cash, state news reported citing sources.

Two other people were also arrested for posing as rescue workers and allegedly trying to rob six truckloads of food for earthquake victims in Hatay province, the agency said.

At least six more people in Istanbul have been arrested for allegedly defrauding victims of the earthquake south of Gaziantep over the phone, CNN reported.

Elsewhere in the country, dozens of other suspects were arrested on suspicion of looting and looting in quake-hit areas, CNN said.

The suspects have been arrested in at least eight provinces, including Kahramanmaras, Hatay, Adiyaman, Malatya, Osmaniye, Adana, Gaziantep and Sanliurfa, CNN added. (Arnie)

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