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WORLD NEWS | UK Foreign Secretary launches Young Professionals Program as he visits G20 meeting in India

WORLD NEWS | UK Foreign Secretary launches Young Professionals Program as he visits G20 meeting in India

British Foreign Secretary James Cleverley. (Image source: Twitter)

New Delhi [India]1 March (ANI): British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly will launch a new exchange program for young British and Indian professionals to live and work in both countries.

The foreign secretary will also announce that the UK will appoint a technology envoy to the Indo-Pacific region. The envoy, the second of its kind announced by the UK (following the appointment of the US Technology Envoy in late 2020), demonstrates the UK’s commitment to regional and technology diplomacy.

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The new Technology Envoy role will boost the UK’s status as a tech superpower while working with partners in the region on areas of mutual interest, including setting global technology standards and helping to solve challenges through innovative technologies.

In addition, the British Foreign Secretary will meet with Indian Foreign Minister Jaishankar on Wednesday. They are expected to discuss progress on the UK-India 2030 roadmap, which aims to strengthen ties between the two countries in defense and security, trade and investment, the statement said.

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He will also visit IIT Delhi later on Wednesday.

“During a visit today (Wednesday) to the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Delhi, the Foreign Secretary will mark the launch of the Young Professionals Scheme, an ambitious new partnership between the UK and India that will allow 3,000 Britons and 3,000 Indians have the right to live and work in another country for up to two years a year,” the statement said.

Foreign Secretary Cleverley said that India is a very important partner of the UK, and “the deeper links we are building now will help develop the UK economy and promote future industrial development”.

“This landmark immigration program will allow the brightest and best from both our countries to benefit from new opportunities,” Cleverly said further in the statement.

“India is also an emerging global technology leader, and there is a huge opportunity for better cooperation between us in this area. That’s why we will be sending our first technology envoy to the Indo-Pacific region to maximize the benefits of both countries. technical expertise,” he added.

India has the third-most number of tech unicorns and start-ups in the world, with 108 start-ups achieving unicorn status as private companies valued at more than $1 billion. This statement demonstrates the UK’s clear commitment to promoting partnerships with India and across South Asia.

On Thursday, the Foreign Secretary will attend a meeting of G20 foreign ministers to join partners in advancing global efforts on food and energy security, climate change and development.

According to the statement, he will continue to call on Russia to come forward at the G20 meeting and work with partners to mitigate the global impact of Russia’s aggression in Ukraine.

It added that if the war ended today, the impact of increased food insecurity would still be felt into 2027.

The foreign secretary will also speak at an Indo-European business event in the capital later, reiterating the UK’s commitment to a free trade agreement with India. The UK has more trade relationships with India than almost any country in the Indo-Pacific region, already worth £34bn and growing by £10bn in a year. (Arnie)

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