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Youth delegates to impact Cop28 discussions: Sustainability expert

Youth to shape COP28 discussions and play a significant role in climate action decisions, says Ali Al Shammari, TAQA Youth Council Chairman.

“The UAE has chosen 100 global youth delegates to influence the discourse at COP28,” he stated. “This empowers and engages young people in climate action decision-making.”

COP28, the international climate summit under the UNFCCC, will be held in Dubai from November 30 to December 12, marking a significant assessment of progress since the adoption of the Paris Agreement in 2015.

Ali Al Shammari, Chairman of the TAQA Youth Council, emphasized the impact of the conference on young people’s perception of sustainability. He highlighted that COP28 would raise awareness among youth about climate change issues, encouraging their involvement in sustainability initiatives. It also provides an opportunity for them to acquire valuable knowledge in this field.

Al Shammari pointed out that as a platform for global sustainability discussions, COP28 could inspire youth to recognize the urgency of the matter, leading to increased engagement in sustainability projects and advocacy for policy changes. It may also prompt educational programs about sustainability in schools and communities, making the concept more mainstream among young people.

He noted that with sustainability becoming a prominent topic, young individuals would adopt more sustainable lifestyles, such as using public transportation, reducing waste, and supporting eco-friendly products.

Regarding initiatives targeting young people ahead of COP28, Al Shammari mentioned Youth 4 Sustainability (Y4S), a Masdar initiative that supports young people’s development as future sustainability leaders. He also highlighted various organizations engaging youth through internships, workshops, and campaigns promoting sustainable practices and renewable energy projects, such as tree planting events and clean-up drives.

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