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Thursday, September 28, 2023

Abu Dhabi announces 16 new content creators


Abu Dhabi, UAE: MAGNITUDE, a leading digital marketing and transformation company, has announced the new stars of its groundbreaking ‘Digital Stars’ content creator learning programme, the first of its kind in Abu Dhabi, designed to elevate digital storytellers Skills and areas of knowledge in specialized areas.

The program’s 16 content creators were recognized for their outstanding contributions to promoting various untouched industries on social media platforms, including general education, athletics, community affairs, cybersecurity and coding, space and astronomy, communication education, sustainable development, technology, real estate and finance, and more.

Launched in February last year for a month, “Digital Stars” gives video creators, streamers and social media influencers the opportunity to be trained to publish meaningful, high-impact content that adds positive value to the community. Candidates benefit from training in scriptwriting, storytelling, filming, editing, branding, strategy development and digital marketing.

Content creators are selected through a rigorous process of evaluating their skills and contributions. Content creators are selected on the basis of their commitment to producing impactful and educational content that adds positive value and knowledge and serves them professionally. Contributed by the community in the field.

“We are delighted to celebrate the content creators who have been selected as part of the ‘Digital Stars’ program,” said Namrata Raina, Managing Director of MAGNITUDE. By further showcasing them and giving them the recognition they deserve, we hope to inspire more people to explore exciting new opportunities in these industries”

unaffected industries

“Digital Stars” content creators touch on content that is uncommon in their respective regions, drawing attention to a largely overlooked industry.

“It’s inspiring to witness the ingenuity and creativity of content creators as they focus on underrepresented industries and topics such as cybersecurity, space and sustainability,” Namrata said. The shift in content and educational content reflects the changing needs of society and highlights the potential of social media as a tool for learning and professional development.”

Along the way, MAGNITUDE equips content creators with the latest industry insights and best practices, ensuring they are well-prepared to produce high-quality content to set them on their journey.

“Their commitment to producing high-quality and innovative content that pushes the boundaries of traditional storytelling is a testament to their talent and unwavering dedication. Additionally, their unique perspective and insightful analysis reveal the often overlooked aspects of social content. important industry,” she added.

In the next steps, MAGNITUDE will continue to contribute to the success of content creators.

“Now that the program is complete and creators have the required digital literacy, we will still be contributing to the journey of selected content creators leading the industry by planning their social media strategy, introducing them to the highest levels of government Alexandre Ghanem, Head of Influencer Marketing at MAGNITUDE said:

content creators are Nema Al Shehi, Mohammad Nagbi, Ryan Arresi, Ali Albulusi, Ali Hammadi, Fatma Hantubi, Alhassan Farajala, Mohammad Al Hera, Anas Alhamud, Nadine Zidani, Wafa Yahya, Saeed Zubaidi, Ahmed Khawaja, Mahmoud Osani, Yusuf Alhammadi, and Fatma Blusi.


About the magnitude:

Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, MAGNITUDE is home to a diverse group of big-thinking digital experts who amplify brands’ presence and growth in the digital space. With extensive experience in the GCC, Europe, Asia and Africa, the firm leverages its core strengths in digital innovation, creativity and analytics to deliver the most disruptive results in the region.

The firm focuses on multiple practice areas including marketing strategies, creative branding, social media, video production, influencer marketing and digital advertising in relation to industries such as government, real estate, finance and retail.



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