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Expat in Dubai Secures AED 1 Million Prize with Complimentary Raffle Ticket.

AED 1 Million Prize M. Rao, a resident of Dubai since 2013, recently secured a Dh1 million prize in the weekly electronic draw hosted by Big Ticket Abu Dhabi. Rao, who has been intermittently purchasing tickets since 2019, expressed his happiness and gratitude upon learning about his win from Big Ticket representatives.

Fortuitous Free Ticket: A Limited-Time Promotional Offer

Rao’s stroke of luck came through a complimentary ticket obtained during a limited-period promotional offer from December 8 to 10. He shared, “I purchased my tickets on December 9 after I saw an ad on Instagram about the special offer: Buy 2, Get 2. That’s what convinced me to buy my tickets this month, and to my surprise, one of my free tickets was the winning ticket.”

Prudent Plans for the Prize: Education for the Children: AED 1 Million Prize

When asked about his plans for the prize money, Rao stated, “I don’t really have a plan yet, as I haven’t thought of it. I will make sure to spend my prize wisely. I have two children, and I will use part of my winning for their education.”

Ongoing Opportunities: Dh20 Million Up for Grabs: AED 1 Million Prize 

Throughout the current month, ticket purchasers stand a chance to win Dh20 million in the upcoming live draw. Additionally, participants are automatically entered into the weekly electronic draw, where one fortunate winner will secure Dh1 million.

Words of Encouragement: Trying Luck with Big Ticket

Rao shared his advice, saying, “My advice to everyone is to try your luck with Big Ticket, and it will happen for you. Big Ticket is real and guaranteed. That’s what makes it special and different from other games.”

Convenient Ticket Purchase Options: AED 1 Million Prize

Tickets are available for purchase online through the official Big Ticket website or at in-store counters at Abu Dhabi International Airport and Al Ain Airport.

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