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Prefab Homes on the Rise in India-1

Prefab Homes The construction landscape in India is witnessing a paradigm shift with the rise of prefabricated housing, especially in the affordable housing sector prioritized by the government. Prefabricated houses are gaining popularity due to their swift construction timelines, typically half that of traditional homes. The precision manufacturing of components in a controlled factory environment reduces delays caused by weather conditions and onsite challenges. Structural components made of steel and concrete enhance resilience to natural disasters, while minimizing waste generation adds to their appeal. The cost-effectiveness and environmental sustainability of prefab homes position them as an attractive option in the Indian market.

Flash Storage Reshaping India’s Data Centers: Prefab Homes 

Traditional hard disks are giving way to more efficient and faster storage solutions in Indian data centers. Flash storage solutions, based on NAND Flash Memory technology, offer fully digital storage, consuming less power and delivering superior speed. Despite the current cost being around 20 cents per gigabyte, projections indicate a reduction to 5 cents per gigabyte in the near future. As India experiences an increased demand for computing power with 5G and edge computing advancements, the adoption of flash storage is expected to significantly cut energy costs for data centers. This transition not only enhances efficiency but also contributes to the establishment of green data centers, aligning with sustainability goals.

Overcoming Income Tax Return Challenges in India: Prefab Homes

Facing challenges related to income tax returns, the Indian income tax department introduces the ‘Discard Return’ scheme. This initiative allows individuals to discard previously filed returns without verification, effectively removing them from the department’s records. Subsequently, individuals can submit fresh, duly verified income tax returns online, eliminating the need for complicated revised filings. Moreover, Section 139(8-A) of the Income-tax Act provides a window of 24 months from the end of the relevant assessment year for individuals to furnish updated returns. This flexibility empowers taxpayers to rectify discrepancies, ensuring a smoother and more efficient income tax return process.

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