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Sustainable Transformations: The UAE’s Progress Towards Eco-Friendly and Green Buildings

Sustainable Expo City, the chosen venue for COP28 in Dubai, serves as a blueprint for technologies innovative, climate-responsive designs, and a commitment to human-centricity. Beyond reducing the carbon footprint, its vision extends to maximizing people-centric outcomes without compromising environmental responsibility.

Architectural Insights: UAE’s Role in Shaping the Future

Prasoon Shrivastava’s Perspective

Prasoon Shrivastava, founder of Prasoon Design Studio and Zepth, an AI-driven project management platform, believes that the UAE’s sustainable designs aim to reintroduce a lost human element in cities while preparing for evolving environmental risks.

Towards People-Centric Cities: Industry Shift and Urban Sprawl Challenges

Regenerative Architecture and Future Urban Environments

Architects and decision-makers recognize the importance of people-centric and pedestrian-friendly cities. The global challenge of “urban sprawl” has triggered a shift towards regenerative architecture, fostering ecosystems within built environments. This vision translates into more mixed-use spaces and vertical cities, such as ‘The Line,’ promoting seamless living, working, and interacting.

Addressing Criticisms: Carbon Footprint and Waste Generation

ConTech Revolution and the Role of AI

Traditionally, architectural aspirations faced criticism due to the construction industry’s environmental impact. The rise of construction technologies (ConTech) and AI has allowed architects to enhance efficiency, addressing value-chain gaps responsible for high wastage and costs.

Zepth’s AI Integration: Intelligent Collaboration and Environmental Impact

Efficiency-driven Approach and Sustainable Construction

Zepth’s AI-based construction risk manager analyzes project information, offering real-time alerts on potential issues. This proactive approach leads to higher efficiencies, reduced wastage, optimized costs, and fewer delays, aligning with sustainability goals.

Ethical AI Integration: Upholding Standards in Sustainable Design

Training Models and Ensuring Ethical Application

As AI deeply integrates into sustainable design, maintaining ethical standards is crucial. Robust data governance and continuous AI system audits ensure the ethical application of AI in design, fostering a culture of education on AI ethics and building trust.

Market Readiness and Encouraging Returns: UAE’s Sustainable Construction

Evidence of Economic, Social, and Environmental ROI

The introduction of enterprise solutions in the UAE signals market readiness for sustainable construction. Growing evidence of returns on investment encourages stakeholders to embrace sustainable practices.

Architectural Legacy: Vertical Cities in Harmony with Nature

Shrivastava’s Vision for the Future

Architects envision a legacy of vertical cities harmonizing with nature, where communities thrive without the burden of climatic and environmental risks. Expo City stands as a testament to the UAE’s commitment to shaping a sustainable and people-centric future.

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