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Al Safadi restaurant announces first location in Abu Dhabi


Dubai, United Arab Emirates– Successful family-run restaurant chain Al Safadi has announced its highly anticipated first branch in Abu Dhabi. Located in the vibrant Al Qana district, the new restaurant will open to the public in mid-September. Al Safadi at Al Qana features a stunning outdoor seating area overlooking the water, providing an unforgettable dining experience in picturesque surroundings.

Known for its exceptional Lebanese cuisine, Al Safadi has been a well-known name in Dubai’s culinary scene for over two decades. With five highly successful branches, the brand has won numerous accolades and has become a true icon in the gastronomy world. From Rigga to Sheikh Zayed Road, from Umm Al Sheif to The Pointe and the Motor City, Al Safadi is known for its passion for quality, authenticity and an unrivaled dining experience. A firm commitment to please diners.

Guests can look forward to a culinary journey through the authentic flavors of Lebanon, including multiple breakfast options, traditional hot and cold appetizers, mixed grill, shawarma, homemade style daily dishes, seafood delights, falafel, manakish, foul, fatteh, And an array of mouth-watering Lebanese sweets.

The new branch will seamlessly continue Al Safadi’s renowned hospitality, offering guests a choice of indoor and outdoor seating areas. Additionally, the restaurant will have a dedicated smoking area for those who wish to sample a delicious shisha while dining.

“We’ve always had plans to open in Abu Dhabi and we’ve patiently waited for the right time and the perfect location. Al Qana offers unique design, waterfront views and exciting attractions, making it the ideal setting for our expansion ,” said Al Safadi chief executive Fadi Safadi.

“We firmly believe that our presence in Abu Dhabi will complement our presence in Dubai, offering delightful dining options to Dubai customers who visit the capital and to Abu Dhabi customers who frequent our branch in Dubai. We are delighted Contributing to Abu Dhabi’s thriving gastronomy industry and showcasing the true essence of Lebanese cuisine. Through Al Safadi at Al Qana, we invite our customers to embark on a culinary journey that takes them to the heart of Lebanon,” added Safadi.

The new Abu Dhabi branch will be overseen by the same dedicated operations team in Dubai, ensuring a consistent experience across locations. In addition, Group Executive Chef Omar Harbaly, who has successfully led Al Safadi’s kitchen operations for the past 23 years, will provide his expertise and guidance.

Al Safadi at Al Qana will offer a spacious seating capacity of nearly 500, accommodating both indoor and outdoor diners. The restaurant aims to cater to a diverse clientele, including residents, Arab expats, East Asian tourists and of course tourists exploring the vibrant city of Abu Dhabi.

Prepare to embark on a captivating culinary journey where the flavors of Lebanon come alive amidst Al Qana’s breath-taking waterfront scenery. For more information, visit https://alsafadi.ae/ or follow their Instagram page @alsafadirestaurants.

About Al Safadi

Al Safadi is a family-run restaurant chain that has been around for almost 23 years, co-founded by Lebanese businessman Fadi Al Safadi. Award-winning Lebanese restaurant chain that has become synonymous with culinary excellence. With five award-winning outlets in Dubai, Al Safadi remains a go-to destination for those seeking authentic Lebanese flavours. Each dish is meticulously prepared, showcasing the vibrant flavors and rich traditions of Lebanese cuisine. Al Safadi’s commitment to quality, hospitality and an unparalleled dining experience has earned it numerous accolades, cementing its status as a true culinary icon.


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