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Aleph Hospitality to Develop Fauchon-branded Hotels in Middle East and Africa


Dubai-based premier hotel management company Aleph Hospitality has signed an exclusive agreement with France-based Fauchon Hospitality to develop and operate the brand’s portfolio of luxury hotels in the Middle East and Africa.

A recently signed agreement in Paris names Aleph Hospitality as the exclusive developer and operator of the fascinating Fauchon L’Hôtel portfolio in the Middle East and Africa.

The world-renowned Fauchon brand is a leader in luxury contemporary cuisine with distinctive French DNA, with more than 100 retail boutiques, gourmet cafés and restaurants in 50 countries. Fauchon Hospitality currently has five glamorous boutique hotels and aims to become a global hospitality company with 20 luxury hotels by 2030.

Bani Haddad, Founder and Managing Director of Aleph Hospitality, said: “We are well aware that such grand opportunities don’t come along very often. We are delighted and honored to be partnering with Fauchon Hospitality. We look forward to offering hotel guests in the Middle East and Africa The brand’s legendary and captivating Parisian ‘art de vivre’ experience. We believe the region has great potential to deliver a coveted and sophisticated brand experience at Fauchon L’Hôtel.”

With a focus on cosmopolitan cities and luxury leisure destinations, Fauchon L’Hôtel will include boutique hotels, resorts, beach clubs and residences in strategic locations, offering culinary excellence and luxurious personal service beyond the usual five-star hotel experience.

Distinctive brand promises and concepts centered around the acronym “GLAM”: Gourmet, featuring Fauchon’s custom reinvented in-room minibar Gourmet Bar; a lively and luxurious lifestyle location; Arty & Artisans offering Fauchon-inspired creations Hospitality services and experiences, Mesdames is the brand’s uniquely feminine take on Fauchon Beauty Spa, the French beauty brand as amenities, in-room lighting and vibrant signature walk-in wardrobes. Each hotel or resort will also feature signature Fauchon dining concepts such as the Grand Café Fauchon and retail outlets.

Jacques-Olivier Chauvin, CEO of Fauchon Hospitality, said: “We are delighted to partner with Aleph to develop the Middle East and Africa region, which will bring world-class hospitality expertise and credibility to our owners and investors. This is important because the majority of our customer base is based in the area and is familiar with our existing Fauchon retail stores.

“With Aleph, we can be confident that as our hospitality business grows, our signature Fauchon style and service will be seamlessly delivered to clients in the region. I am excited about the potential of this partnership, which will create a strong A strong, globally recognized brand combined with an operating company known for excellence and a dynamic management style.”

Aleph Hospitality aims to open 50 hotels in the Middle East and Africa by 2026, managing hotels directly for owners, either as a franchise of branded hotels or as a white label operator of independently branded hotels. – trade arab news agency


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