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Baahubali producer Shobu Yarlagadda details reasons behind Oscar race: ‘Tired of misinformation and people using it for cheap publicity’

Baahubali producer Shobu Yarlagadda details reasons behind Oscar race: ‘Tired of misinformation and people using it for cheap publicity’

With the Oscars buzzing over SS Rajamouli’s historical epic RRR, producer Shobu Yarlagadda, who has backed the filmmaker’s two Baahubali franchises, lays out the details of his Oscar campaign, noting that all producers must do What wins – or at least gets their work noticed in coveted awards.

RRR is currently eyeing top nominations at the upcoming Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director, and it has been shortlisted in the Best Original Song category. While the film’s Oscar buzz is at an all-time high, Shobu Yarlagadda said the Oscar campaign was “like a marathon”. Filmmaker Panarin’s Chhello Show (the last film) is India’s official Oscars this year.

In a Twitter thread, the producers gave a behind-the-scenes look at the Oscars campaign: from gaining the attention of 10,000 Academy voters to raising massive amounts of money to run it.

“The academy has about 10,000 members from all over the world, most of them in the United States and about 40 members from India. These members belong to one of the 17 branches of the academy according to their craft, such as editing, sound, etc. There are 16 Craft, the 17th branch is the non-technical branch.

“Each year chapter members vote for shortlisted films from a pool of more than 300 eligible films on a reminder list (10 categories with shortlists) and then vote for nominees from each of their categories Video. Branch,” he tweeted.

For example, the producers wrote that members of the VFX department would first vote for 10 films (out of more than 300 films in the reminder list) to be shortlisted, and then vote on those 10 films to nominate the final five Movie. In categories without shortlists, members of the chapter will vote directly to nominate five films in that category.

The next step involves nearly 10,000 Academy members voting on the nominated films, with the film with the most votes in each category winning the Oscar for that category, writes Shobu Yarlagadda.

“So, the real challenge is letting the 10,000 members of the Academy all over the US and around the world know that your film is in competition, then get them to see it, and hopefully they like your film and vote for it! Even for a Hollywood film That said, it’s not an easy task either!

“Thus, movies that sell well in the U.S., or that win at prestigious film festivals and critics’ awards, get more attention and obviously have a higher chance of winning awards. Besides being well-received in the press,” he said wrote on Twitter.

Beyond that, the producer noted, “strategic promotional activities are critical.” Just as a producer promotes a film before it’s release to attract audiences to theaters, says Shobu Yarlagadda, “there needs to be promotion specifically targeting members of the academy to see the film. .”

“After that, you can only hope they liked the movie enough to vote for it! It involved months of campaigning, sometimes starting 6 months before the Oscars. It would take some organic buzz and appreciation to come Build traction.

“Obviously, it takes a lot of time and resources and it’s not easy. Hollywood studios are used to this because they do it year after year, but for a film from India it can be very daunting, It takes a lot of learning to understand and execute a successful campaign,” he concluded.

When LA-based producer Swati Shetty asked Shobu Yarlagadda to pin the tweets to the top, he replied: “I’m tired of all the misinformation about the Oscars in India and how people (even well-informed ones) use it to get some Cheap publicity!” when Vivek Agnihotri tweeted a Kashmir Archives called him “the official contender from India at the 95th Academy Awards”. Agnihotri has previously lied about his film being “Oscar shortlisted for 2023”. He also claimed that Pallavi Joshi, miton chakrabortyDashan Kumar Anupam Kher Both were “nominated for Best Actor”. However, The Kashmir Files just became part of the Oscar shortlist, making a film eligible for an Oscar nomination. More than 300 movies are part of this list.

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