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Is the Video Game World Being Dominated by Adorable, Cuddly, and Cozy Games?-1

Being Dominated In the midst of the prevailing dominance of action-packed battle modes and expansive open-world games, a new trend is quietly making waves in the gaming world—the emergence of “cosy games.” Characterized by their low-competition dynamics and serene gameplay, these compact games are captivating players with their soothing aesthetics and quick gratifications.

Escape from Routine with “Fill the Fridge”

Amid her daily metro commute, UAE expat and real estate agent, Angel Roni, sought solace in cosy games to alleviate the stress of her daily tasks. “Fill the Fridge,” a stacking game challenging players to organize groceries inside a fridge, became her go-to choice. Roni appreciates the minimal brainpower required, finding it both engaging and stress-relieving during her commute.

Calm and Productive Pastime: Being Dominated 

Players seeking a tranquil yet productive pastime are drawn to games that provide a respite from overstimulation. Quick play levels and instant achievement satisfaction characterize these games, offering a calming escape. For Roni, who has battled anxiety and stress for six years, these games serve as a form of meditation, aiding her in moments of needed relaxation.

Cosy Games Amidst the Gaming Industry Evolution: Being Dominated

While franchises like Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto dominate the gaming industry, a parallel movement towards quieter and more soothing gaming experiences is gaining traction. Titles like “It Takes Two,” “Overcooked,” and “Animal Crossing” have captured attention with their vibrant animations and engaging challenges. Notably, “Stray” has garnered over Dh172.6 million since its 2022 release on Steam.

Subjectivity in Cosiness: Being Dominated

Dubai-based game developer and gaming journalist Sahil Bajaj notes the subjective nature of what constitutes a cosy game. While one player may find comfort in hyperviolent gameplay, another may seek a lighter, more aesthetically pleasing experience.

Cosy Multiplayer Games and Community Building

While some argue that cosy games are limited in customizability, players like Matthias Eze appreciate the reduced anxiety associated with these games. Unlike high-action, online multiplayer games where competition can lead to frustration, cosy multiplayer games like “Animal Crossing” foster community-building and sustained friendships.

Challenges Faced by Cosy Game Developers

Developing cosy games comes with its set of challenges, primarily due to limited budgets and lower financial backing compared to high-action productions. Indie developers, often behind cosy games, face constraints in production value and graphics quality. Bajaj suggests that consumers are inclined to invest in well-established franchises, posing a challenge for new names in the gaming industry.

Complexity Beyond the Aesthetic: Being Dominated

Despite their seemingly simple aesthetic, cosy games can carry underlying tones of socio-economic concerns. Games like “Donut County” use seemingly innocent gameplay as a metaphor for deeper societal issues such as gentrification and capitalism.

Escapism and the Future of Cosy Games: Being Dominated

For players like Roni, cosy games are a means of escapism. The shift from tragedy and violence in role-play and war-based storyline games to the comfort and calm of cosy games may be a stretch, but the rising popularity of cosy games suggests a growing niche within the gaming community.

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