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Thursday, June 1, 2023

Book Corner: “My Life in Crime—Essays and Other Entertainment” by Tyler C. Gore

For years, I deserved to have a top-secret mailbox. I will not disclose the box number to anyone because it is top secret after all. So you can imagine my surprise, dare I say it, surprise when I went to the post office to check the mail and found that someone had sent me a mystery package. It goes to my top secret mailbox. I checked the return address and saw it was from Tyler C. Gore in Brooklyn, NY. I am dumbfounded! I wonder, oh my god, who is Tyler C. Gore and how the hell did he get my super top secret address? !

I open the package. Inside was a book – a strange book with a picture on the cover of a man with what appeared to be pepperoni eyes. very strange. Tyler did include his email info so I contacted him and demanded to know who gave him my super secret PO Box number? He identified the culprit, Mr. Ben Miller, who used to live in New York City but now lived somewhere in South Dakota, living a life of glorious recluse. That Ben Miller, America’s greatest writer.

My heart relented when I realized it was Ben Miller who gave Tyler my super secret address. I have no opinion. After all, it was Ben Miller who did this kind of thing. I feel very honored. I can understand why Ben gave Tyler my address because Tyler is a great writer and a subtle humorist. Oh, and on top of that, Taylor loves cats.

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