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Dhukhr: Emiratis selflessly volunteer for UAE community

Dhukhr: Emiratis selflessly volunteer for UAE community

Abu Dhabi: The Abu Dhabi Department of Justice (ADJD) has launched an expanded campaign titled “Volunteering: A Culture and Commitment” and formed a team of volunteers for the Department of Justice (Dhukhr), including some of ADJD’s staff , in line with the policies of organizing volunteering in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

ADJD enhances these volunteering activities to encourage active participation in community work.

Under the directives of Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Presidential Courts and Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Department of Justice, the volunteer movement was launched as part of the Ministry’s community outreach to support projects aimed at working with strategic partners to achieve sustainable development goals.

The Justice Department commended the efforts of the Dhukhr Volunteer Team and their commitment to supporting various movements, as well as their willingness to help in any situation, especially their extensive involvement in activities aimed at raising the level of community awareness and protecting the environment.

The campaign, in partnership with the Abu Dhabi Waste Management Company (Tadweer), has embarked on a clean-up campaign in the Al Ain area, in line with the goal of protecting the environment from degradation, in addition to promoting the importance of social commitment and Upholding standards and the aesthetic and cultural identity of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Gulf News spoke to some of the volunteers for this social project who shared their experiences and the benefits of being part of the programme.

“Following in Zayed’s footsteps”

Mona Al Mulla, a volunteer member of Dhukhr, said: “We are following [UAE’s Founding Father], the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God rest his soul, who instilled kindness and a love of giving in his children and left a clear humanitarian legacy locally and globally imprint, and placed great emphasis on volunteering and giving until it became one of the hallmarks of future generations of the UAE and made the UAE a beacon of humanity whose gift has spread throughout the nations of the world. “

Regarding her benefits of joining the project (volunteering is a culture and a responsibility), she added: “One of the reasons to feel happy is that a person uses the skills he or she has to benefit the surrounding environment, and volunteering is One of the ways to do that. Helping people, helping them for nothing, is what happiness is about. Volunteering is an incubating environment that helps people develop themselves and gain new experiences.”

Mona’s advice to young people like herself: “From personal experience, volunteering makes you feel like you belong to the community. Become a volunteer because you are talented and innovative, and you have enough Your humanity convinces you to work without pay and pay off the debt of this benevolent nation.”

Volunteering Culture

Another ADJD volunteer, Saleh Saeed Al Junaibi, also expressed his pleasure to be part of the project.

“Dhukhr aims to promote a culture of volunteering in UAE society by encouraging employees of both sexes to actively participate in various volunteering activities. The project organizes and mentors teams of volunteers in various fields such as the environment, health, education, social and human development, arts and culture, and sports, “He said.

The program targets male and female employees of the judiciary who wish to volunteer. It offers them the opportunity to volunteer in various community projects, develop their personal and social skills, and expand their knowledge and experience, he added.

“Dhukhr’s activities include many volunteer projects such as cleaning streets, parks and beaches, distributing Ramadan meals and clothes to those in need, organizing recreational and educational activities for children, organizing training sessions and workshops, and more.

“The program relies on the collaboration of volunteers, government agencies, private agencies and the local community, under the direction of senior management to achieve its goals and vision of building a volunteer community.”

lofty desire

Hamad Al Maamari, also a Dhukhr volunteer, said: “[The programme aims to encourage young people to actively participate in the development of local communities and community service, provide opportunities for self-realisation and develop the capabilities and skills necessary to succeed in professional and social life.”

Al Maamari added that the objectives of the programme include:

1- Enhancing awareness of the importance of volunteer work among young people and encouraging them to participate in volunteer work.

2- Developing the capabilities and skills of young people and developing their personalities through the voluntary experiences they acquire.

3- Providing practical learning opportunities and valuable professional experiences that young people can use in their future professional lives.

4- Improving local communities and meeting their needs through the services provided by volunteer youth.

5- Strengthening social ties and enhancing solidarity among members of society through volunteer work.

6- Promoting the voluntary and cooperative culture in the community and spreading awareness of its importance.

7- Promoting belonging to the community and a sense of social and national responsibility.

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