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UAE: Classic Film Museum to open in Abu Dhabi – News

UAE: Classic Film Museum to open in Abu Dhabi – News

Museum of the Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization pays homage to a century of Arab cinema

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Officials announced the Museum of Classic Film at an event in Paris. – Photos provided

published: Monday, February 27, 2023 at 8:59 pm

A new museum showcasing classic films will soon be launched in Abu Dhabi, authorities have announced.

The UAE cultural ambassador of the Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (Alesco) made the announcement at a cultural program at the Arab World Institute in Paris. The program entitled “The Immortal Creations of Classic Films” is organized by Anasy Media and Alesco.

In his opening remarks at the event, Jack Long, Chairman of the Institute of the Arab World (IMA), said: “We are delighted and honored that Alesco has chosen IMA to pay homage to classic Arabic cinema. , cultural and cinematic aspects”

Alesco expert Dr Ahmado Habibi said: “Alesco’s role is to continually serve Arabic cultural expressions, and the philosophy of the Alesco Ambassadors is what we strive to showcase in our collaborative projects.”

Abdelrahman Lahi, director of the Dar Mauritania Cultural Foundation and UNESCO expert, emphasized the importance and necessity of keeping the museum abreast of film history. The museum existence of this unique golden cinema will be a preserver of its history and an open book for film buffs, researchers and experts.

Rahi delivered a speech titled “Arabic Cinema in the Golden Age – A Hundred Years of Magic, Creativity and Complexity”. He introduced the Centenary of Arabic Classical Films and explained that the films of the golden age are characterized by the charm and brilliance of the products, the complexity of the themes, carrying the dreams and memories of a nation and going deep into the collective. Memorizing and revealing the details of personal and social life, brought back in exquisite image, sound and story clips.

He spoke about the history of cinema in the Arab region and its rise in Egypt. He also highlighted the distinctive and unique position of the Centenary of Arab Cinema in terms of content, presentation and subject matter, as well as in terms of production, from the perspective of technological developments (tools) and the advancement of the film industry in terms of business and commerce. Cultural communication (exhibition hall – television – festival).

Rasch also reflects on the most important reasons why this golden century is over and the challenges facing the film.

The event was also attended by Maadhad Hareb Al Khaili; Ahmed Almulla, Deputy Head of Mission, UAE Embassy; Dr. Ahmado Habibi, Alesco Expert; Aisha Kamaly, UAE Representative to UNESCO; Afifa Zayadi, Alesco Representative to UNESCO and Ambassador to the Arab States and diplomatic representatives.

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