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Dubai repurposes food scraps for fertilizers and feed

A leading Dubai hotel group uses AI to track and minimize food waste. Dubai Municipality collects 4,000 tonnes of wasted food yearly, turning them into organic fertilizers and animal feed. In 2023, 70.5 tonnes of food were donated to the Emirates Food Bank, and 400 tonnes of food materials were repurposed.

Informational sessions

Dubai’s food security plan aims to reduce waste and enhance sustainability. Dubai Municipality seeks to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the food industry. The session gathered 50 decision-makers and featured ‘The Waste Lab’ startup. Schools held events for 5,000 students on reducing food waste and ensuring food safety.

Retail Food Company Handbook

Dubai Municipality (DM) has created a handbook for retail food companies, aiming to educate them on reducing food loss and waste. Additionally, instructional materials have been distributed to food importers and exporters to enhance supply chain efficiency.

DM has organized specialized seminars to educate and promote food loss reduction throughout the supply and manufacturing chain, as well as waste minimization in food facilities and retail outlets. Collaborating with hospitality and catering businesses, they’ve stressed the importance of transforming food waste and by-products into higher-value products, thereby enhancing the overall food supply chain.

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