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“Exclusive Insights from the Music Promoter Bringing Ed Sheeran to Dubai: Securing A-Listers for Live Performances”

Ed Sheeran’s highly anticipated performance at Dubai’s Sevens Stadium in January 2024 promises to be a monumental event, marking the city’s largest open-air concert. In an exclusive interview with Thomas Ovesen, CEO of All Things Live Middle East, we delve into the intricacies of organizing such a high-profile show and the unique challenges and demands involved.

Early Preparations and Extensive Planning

The groundwork for Ed Sheeran’s upcoming Mathematics Tour in Dubai began over a year ago. Ovesen’s team, having previously promoted Ed’s show in 2017, was contacted by the artist’s team to initiate the planning process. Assessing ticket sales potential and selecting suitable venues were integral aspects of the meticulous planning required for an event of this magnitude.

Transforming Sevens Stadium: A Unique Concert Experience: Ed Sheeran 

The scale of the event is nothing short of impressive, with preparations underway to convert Sevens Stadium from a rugby pitch, recently hosting the Dubai 7s, into a 30,000-capacity concert venue for two nights. This transformation involves collaboration with Ed’s touring team to ensure a seamless and unforgettable experience for the audience.

Navigating the Entertainment Business Landscape

Thomas Ovesen sheds light on his unconventional role in the entertainment business, emphasizing his engagement with various stakeholders, from fans and commercial partners to government entities and artists. His overarching goal is to promote and sell entertainment experiences delivered by talented professionals touring the world to captivate audiences.

Artist Relations and Collaborative Partnerships 

While logistical and weather challenges are not uncommon, Ovesen rarely encounters issues with the artists themselves. The partnership with an artist extends over months or even more than a year, fostering strong relationships that contribute to the success of the show. Ovesen emphasizes that his aim is to support artists and ensure the best possible performance for their fans.

Quirky Requests and Building Relationships

Addressing the notion of eccentric artist requests, Ovesen shares anecdotes of unique arrangements, including building a full-scale gym with a jacuzzi and creating blackout conditions in a beachfront villa. These efforts are all part of the business of accommodating artists’ needs to guarantee an exceptional show.

Navigating Artist Personalities

Reflecting on his experiences, Ovesen attests to the positive interactions with artists, noting that their demeanor often aligns with the support and environment provided. He recalls fond memories of working with Irish artists like Ronan Keating and Westlife, highlighting their amazing personalities and professionalism.

Ed Sheeran’s Dubai Concert: Unprecedented Demand

With Ed Sheeran’s return to the region after four years, the demand for tickets has been immense. Saturday night’s tickets sold out in early December, and only a limited number remain for Friday night. The concert, featuring a 360-degree central stage for an intimate experience, is set to make history in the region with 60,000 fans across two nights.

Expectations for the Show

Anticipation is high for Ed Sheeran to deliver all his chart-topping hits, providing fans with a comprehensive repertoire. British musician Calum Scott will join him on both nights, adding to the allure of the immersive and intimate shows. As the countdown to this momentous event continues, Thomas Ovesen remains committed to ensuring a memorable experience for both the artist and the audience.

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