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Fans Can Join ‘The Walking Dead’ Creators In Shaping The Future Of Storytelling With Skybound Entertainment


Skybound Entertainment, the brains behind iconic titles like The Walking Dead and Invincible, has shaken up the entertainment industry with its revolutionary approach to content production and distribution. But now, the startup is engaging audiences in a new way: by making them invest.

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In a world where streaming services and digital distribution reign supreme, the need for compelling stories has never been higher. But traditional barriers imposed by entertainment conglomerates make it difficult for investors to participate in the creative process and invest in the birth of new characters, worlds and stories.

Skybound shattered industry norms and achieved what media giants achieved with armies of employees. Its approach is very ingenious. The company launches its intellectual property in low-cost but high-quality formats, such as comics, podcasts, and board games. This strategy is the basis for building a dedicated fanbase and passionate community.

But it doesn’t stop there. Skybound deftly extends its creations to various media platforms, engaging audiences on screen and television. This strategic move pushes its intellectual property into the mainstream, ensuring its stories reach a wider audience.

What sets Skybound apart is its unwavering commitment to retaining the rights to commercialize its intellectual property in the most lucrative areas. From video games to merch, it controls the highest earning channels, ensuring its creative endeavors are financially rewarded.

But the key to its success is the strong relationship it has built with its creators. Skybound maintains a strong connection with innovative minds, attracting them to bring their next groundbreaking idea to the table. This collaborative approach guarantees a steady stream of fresh and engaging content that pushes the boundaries of storytelling into new territories.

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stand out from the crowd

With 90 million loyal viewers, Skybound now offers enthusiasts the opportunity to invest in the intellectual property they love.through the groundbreaking Regulation A+ political campaign Republic Platformthe company aims to raise up to $75 million directly from the public, turning its backers into valuable stakeholders.

“Engaging our audience is at the core of our strategy,” Skybound CEO Dave Alpert said in an interview with Forbes. “Through this Regulation A+ program, we aim to integrate our fans into our ecosystem and make their success our success, creating unbreakable bonds.”

This investment opportunity offers financial potential and creates a sense of belonging and deeper engagement with a beloved franchise that fans wholeheartedly support.

The company has raised an impressive $16.8 million as the company looks to close its funding round in the coming days.

Funds raised from this event will fuel growth and support new projects as the company continues to expand its product portfolio and push the boundaries of storytelling.

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The rise of equity crowdfunding

Equity crowdfunding Its popularity has been slowly growing over the past few years. The industry continues to raise hundreds of millions of dollars for small U.S. businesses like Skybound. What was once considered the only option for startups that couldn’t get funding from venture capital is becoming home to some of the top names in the entire startup investing world, “More exclusive than Harvard.”

It also allows retail investors to participate in investing in venture capital and some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley. For example, earlier this year, Substack closed an incredibly successful funding round in Wefunder.startups like boxed raised It took in $75 million from retail investors last year after seeing the momentum associated with Elon Musk owning one of their houses.Retail investors can even claim shares of these portals themselves, such as Wefunder and start the enginewhich largely pioneered the industry.

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