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“Harees, a Traditional Dish from the UAE, Secures a Spot on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List”-1

Harees In hospitals nationwide, a daily enchanting phenomenon unfolds in Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs). Real-life heroes—nurses—and the tiniest warriors—newborns facing medical challenges—forge heartwarming connections.

Resilient Infants and Unsung Heroes

These resilient infants, battling health struggles, spend substantial time—ranging from two to eight months—in hospitals. The unsung heroes, including nurses, cleaners, and doctors, work tirelessly behind the scenes, forming unique bonds with the newborns.

Tessy’s 15-Year Journey: Embracing Emotional Connections: Harees

Tessy, the NICU unit in charge at Thumbay University Hospital, Ajman, reflects on her 15-year journey of bonding with hundreds of babies. She emphasizes the integral role of emotional connections in her job, engaging in activities to comfort and connect with the infants. Even after discharge, the staff seeks updates on the babies’ growth milestones from parents.

NICU Nurses: Blending Expertise and Compassion

NICU nurses, blending medical expertise with emotional support, play a crucial role in providing optimal care for premature or ill newborns and their families. Beyond medical care, these heroes strive to create a nurturing environment for the infants’ overall well-being.

Kartika’s Insights: Unique Bonds and Bittersweet Farewells

Kartika, nurse manager at Medcare Women and Children Hospital, shares that each interaction with the tiny patients shapes the unique bonds formed in the NICU. Farewells become bittersweet as preterm babies, having become an integral part of the NICU family, are ready to leave.

Beyond Hospital Walls: Stories of Resilience: Harees

The emotional connection extends beyond the hospital walls. Tessy recounts the story of an Indian couple whose 800-gram baby, born at 27 weeks, underwent a remarkable recovery after a month of intensive care. The mother’s first embrace marked a poignant moment for the NICU staff.

Kartika’s Moving Instances: Tears of Relief and Joy

For Kartika, a deeply moving instance involved a mother cradling her premature baby for the first time after a long and uncertain journey. Tears of relief and joy echoed through the unit, emphasizing the power of hope.

Balancing Act: Doctors in NICUs

While nurses build emotional connections, doctors, like Dr. Issam Abdelbari, lead neonatal consultant at Medcare Women and Children Hospital, focus on medical explanations and preparing parents for potential challenges. The primary concern for doctors is infection control within the NICU, with a commitment to creating an ideal environment for babies undergoing necessary medical procedures.

Continuous Education and Comfort: A Doctor’s Perspective: Harees

Dr. Abdelbari highlights the importance of continuous education for parents and family members, particularly those who are first-timers and may feel overwhelmed. The medical team prioritizes the baby’s comfort, employing gentle touches and soothing gestures while minimizing disruptions caused by family visits.

NICU Realms: Miracles, Hope, and Profound Connections

In the realm of NICUs, where miracles happen, the collective efforts of nurses, doctors, and families create a tapestry of hope, resilience, and profound connections with the tiniest of lives.

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