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How Games, Loyalty and Entertainment Drive Mass Adoption, Nike and Puma Digital Products


This week, we discuss mass adoption with experts from the fields of entertainment, loyalty, and gaming. General consensus? We’re getting closer, though it might seem a lot more subtle than you might think.

Additionally, global footwear giants Nike and Puma announced a new partnership and release of digital sneakers that offer meaningful utility and thoughtful design.

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Attract the next billion users: Experts from the fields of entertainment, loyalty and gaming explain why their industries are poised for mass adoption of Web3. While the broader crypto market is in decline and experiencing numerous challenges, the sentiment around Web3 and a decentralized, creator-centric digital future remains optimistic.

Fancy footwork: Major sneaker companies continue to partner with Web2 and Web3 brands to bring digital collectibles to millions of fans. Their collaboration delivered meaningful utility and well-designed digital products, proving that Web3 doesn’t have to feel forced or unwieldy for global brands.

WHO: Pseudonym NFT collector and artist Sartoshi

What: The NFT hand-painted collection Mfers released in 2021 has both sales and sales this week. According to OpenSea reports.It’s not entirely clear why the series is so popular, though Recent Product Releases A product featuring two characters from the open source series designed by home improvement giant Lowe’s has garnered some attention. Without any utility or roadmap, the series was inspired by “did you win son? ” meme.

how: The project is in a CC0 license, which means the item is in the public domain and can be used by anyone in any way. Satosh, June 2022 transfer in Smart contracts and community ownership of the project.This simple collection has built a huge following online and on individual NFTs sell often The price is over $1,000 — well above its original minting price of 0.069 ETH, or about $320. So far, the series has sold 66,510 ETH, or nearly $125 million. Mfer can be purchased on secondary markets such as OpenSea.

Mint becomes SlimJim: This jerky company invites fans to join them The new “meat universe”” and give away 10,000 “GigaJims” NFTs.

Magic Elixir: Web3 game publisher Elixir Games Announce Strategic partnership with gaming retailer GameStop to support GameStop’s new infrastructure player platform.

Legend of Zora: An NFT creation platform popular with brands and creatives launched Its own layer 2 blockchain network.

hound: German intelligence agency announced Dog-themed NFT A collection of recruited new talents, which includes a string of hidden blockchain characters.

The Irreplaceable Faroe Islands: Autonomous region issues new physical stamps Pegged to NFT.

Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) track the value of Bitcoin and allow investors to gain exposure to cryptocurrencies without actually owning any of them. The fund can be bought, sold and traded on traditional stock market exchanges rather than cryptocurrency trading platforms, making the fund accessible to investors who may be wary of cryptocurrency trading.

With the price of bitcoin continue to climb and financial institutions like black stone (black), Invesco (IVZ) and wisdom Tree Applying for a Bitcoin-based ETF product, now is a good time to familiarize yourself with the concept and its pros and cons.


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