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Jay Hernandez talks new season 5 threat that will reveal ‘great’ backstory — plus, score the premiere

Jay Hernandez talks new season 5 threat that will reveal ‘great’ backstory — plus, score the premiere

The following contains spoilers for the first two episodes Universal PI NBC Season 5.

Universal PI This Sunday night kicked off its NBC show with, yes, steamy shower kisses and particularly flirtatious banter between newlyweds Thomas and Juliet. We also see that Katsumoto, who initially resigned after being sidelined at HPD (and was replaced by Michael Lardy’s Det. Childs), decides to fight for his job; Teuila will be at La Mariana helps because Rick juggles fatherhood; and says the new dad is now moving into Magnum’s place until he can close on a new, baby-friendly home.

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but on a darker note

A sequence that ends the season opener involves TC looking for Captain Buckgreen (played by frequent guest star James Remar) at the docks one night, but discovers his boat is empty. After TC left, a rough noA harbor supervisor surreptitiously called a colleague who asked to notify Green if anyone came looking for him. We then watch the man on the other end of the phone pack Green in a black bag and tie it with rope to a chair in an undisclosed location.

After removing the hood, Green asked them what they wanted and why they broke into his home and kidnapped him. The chief recounts Green’s record in the Navy and how he led a Black Ops team in Afghanistan consisting of “two SEALs” (Magnum and Nuzzo) and “two Marines” (Rick and TC) group. Ominous wanted to know where to find the squad members, but Green was reluctant to complain.

Then, at the end of the second episode, HPD’s Det. Childs is summoned to the morgue after a body is found washed ashore – and when the body is lifted, we see it’s Green.

Talk to TVLine, Universal PI Star Jay Hernandez said Green’s kidnapping, torture and death have kicked off a season 5 storyline that will span “many episodes.”

Serial mystery arcs like this one are a “very interesting” way to complement the series’ “case of the week” element, Hernandez said. “You have more time to build the story” in multiple episodes, “so it doesn’t have to be squeezed in [one]. it will come true and there will be some real Great stuff coming out of that storyline. “

After all, whoever kidnapped and apparently killed Green wasn’t just after Magnum, they were after Rick and TC. So, as this side plot unfolds, viewers can look forward to learning more about the best friend’s complicated military history. “It touches on our past and how we came together as a whole … all those things,” Hernandez previewed. “This storyline reveals some really good backstory.”

what did you think Universal PIThe double-episode season 5 premieres on NBC’s new home ?

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