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Exclusive Interview with NASA’s Sunita Williams: “I’m Eager to Witness the UAE’s First Female Astronaut Soar”

In 1998, Sunita Williams, a US Navy Captain, was chosen by NASA for a space mission. However, it wasn’t until 2006 that Williams embarked on her first spaceflight. She has since completed two missions, spending 322 days in space and accumulating over 50 hours in spacewalks. Williams is now preparing for her next mission aboard Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft. During a conversation, she discussed her journey, her mission to inspire future astronauts, the importance of physical fitness in space, and the progress of space exploration.

The Astronaut Experience

Sunita Williams reflected on her journey from being a helicopter pilot in the US Navy to becoming an astronaut. She credits her time at the Naval Academy for instilling the confidence to pursue greater challenges. Williams realized that she had the capabilities to achieve her dreams, thanks to the support and encouragement of those around her. The Navy played a significant role in building her confidence to aspire to become an astronaut.

Paying Tribute to Kalpana Chawla

When Williams was chosen to carry the flag that astronaut Kalpana Chawla flew during her space mission, she felt honored and enthusiastic about upholding Chawla’s legacy. Williams knew the importance of continuing Chawla’s work and inspiring future generations, especially Indians and Indian-Americans. Despite the Columbia accident, she had faith in NASA’s ability to learn from it and ensure the safety of future missions. Carrying Chawla’s flag made space travel seem more attainable and safe.

Empowering Women in Space

Williams emphasized her role in encouraging women to pursue careers in space. She believes that transcending self-imposed barriers is often more challenging than overcoming physical obstacles. She urged young women to believe in themselves and dispel the notion that certain professions are exclusive to men. She highlighted that space exploration is not limited by physical strength or height but requires determination and knowledge.

Physical Fitness and Spacewalks

Williams talked about her passion for physical fitness and how she wanted to spotlight its importance, emphasizing that astronauts must work out daily to maintain their physical health. In space, there are no breaks from physical activity, and muscle mass and bone density can decrease. Williams also shared her experience running a marathon in space to promote the significance of physical fitness. Despite the treadmill breaking down during the marathon, it highlighted the joy of physical challenges and the importance of teamwork.

Spacewalk Challenges

Williams also discussed her spacewalks, emphasizing that they are essential for possible construction on the International Space Station. During one spacewalk, they had to improvise a solution using a toothbrush and Kapton tape. Spacewalks require creative problem-solving and outside-the-box thinking.

Communication Challenges in Space

Regarding communication during space missions, Williams acknowledged that there were periods of limited communication with mission control on Earth. However, such experiences allowed astronauts to reflect on their purpose and connection to Earth. The moments of solitude in space were opportunities for introspection and appreciation of life on Earth.

Commercial Space Travel

Williams is excited about commercial space travel and being part of the commercial crew program. She acknowledged that there is a misconception that space travel is easy and not dangerous, but the reality is that space is an unfriendly environment once you leave Earth’s gravity. She emphasized the importance of maintaining safety standards and not prioritizing profit over safety.

UAE’s Astronauts:Sunita Williams

Williams expressed her excitement about UAE’s astronauts, including Hazzaa AlMansoori, Sultan AlNeyadi, Nora Al Matrooshi, and Mohammad AlMulla. She met Hazzaa and Sultan at Star City and has been following their journey closely. She is eager to witness Nora and Mohammad’s space journeys and believes they are doing an excellent job representing the UAE in space.

The Future of Space Travel

In discussing the future of space travel, Williams hopes that it will inspire people from all over the world. She mentioned Star Trek as a source of inspiration, where people from diverse backgrounds work together on missions. Williams believes it is time to move beyond lower Earth orbit and focus on exploring other places, including the moon and Mars. She emphasized that diversity will lead to more innovative ideas in space travel.

Movies and Space Exploration

Williams appreciates how movies can push the boundaries of imagination and inspire people to pursue space exploration. She mentioned “The Martian” as an example of a movie that aligns with the reality of space travel. Williams believes that space travel will become a reality, and humans will venture to Mars in the future.

Overall, Sunita Williams remains passionate about space exploration and is committed to inspiring future astronauts, especially women and young generations, to pursue their dreams in the realm of space.

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