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National Security: Nigeria, UAE Defense Academy pledge to cooperate

Nigerian Defense Academy

National Security: Nigeria, UAE Defense Academy pledge to cooperate

The National Defense Colleges (NDCs) of Nigeria and the United Arab Emirates (UAC) have pledged to work together to enhance the national strength of both countries.

Head of Delegation, NDC UAE, Brig.-Gen. Mahdi Alahababi and NDC Commander, Rear Admiral Murtala Bashir made the commitment during the UAE delegation’s visit to Nigeria in Abuja.

Brigadier General, head of the UAE delegation. Alahababi said the visit was important for the Arab countries as it allowed them to share their knowledge of the strategic studies of the two NDCs and how Nigeria conducts business to achieve its mission.

The UAE views the armed forces as a measure of national strength, he said, adding that the two countries need to work together harmoniously.

He added that the UAE index is unique in that most of its participants are civilians who also represent other branches of government and the private sector.

According to him, this is part of the national elements that we work together and bring together because this will bring more prosperity and stability to the states.

In response, NDC commander Maj. Gen. Bashir said the academy’s mission is to develop future strategic leaders within the military, security agencies and strategic ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs).

The academy also has participants from allied countries, Bashir said, adding that the current course has 21 allies from 20 countries.

He said that the current security environment is more complex and changeable, uncertain and ambiguous, and it is impossible to deal with security challenges alone.

Bashir said most of the threats Nigeria faced were cross-border in nature, which he said strengthened the resolve and desire of the Nigerian NDC to bring international players to a consensus on these threats.

According to him, the participation of other countries has brought various opinions and proposals on how we can address insecurity not only in Africa but in the entire world.

“We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the UAE for your role in peace and stability in the Middle East and of course your role in global commerce.

“The United Arab Emirates is a business center for tourism and has become a model for other countries to follow.

“I just want to tell you that what we’re doing here is preparing future strategic leaders with the knowledge and skills necessary to leverage all elements of national power, and I mean the security and defense environment.

“Because of this, we try to emphasize a whole-of-society approach to our security challenges, and we also continue to look at how we can collaborate more with other countries so that we can attract as many international players as possible.

“So we can see national security and development from the same prison.

The academy continues to develop and update curriculum to meet the needs of current and emerging security challenges as we conduct joint planning exercises with the Service War Colleges, the commander said.

He called on the UAE delegation to consider further strengthening the relationship between the two countries and between the two militaries.

He said the collaboration could be in the form of exchange programs and experience sharing, which would help them sponsor participants from both countries to enter the university, as well as a good exchange of mentoring staff.

The highlight of the visit was a Q&A to clarify NDC Nigeria’s activities.

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