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World News | Tucker Carlson amplifies Jan. 6 lies with video provided by GOP

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WASHINGTON, March 7 (AP) With some 41,000 hours of security footage from Jan. 6 submitted, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson has launched an impassioned new effort to explain the deadly Capitol siege, separating Republicans from the Pro-Trump conspiracy theories are more closely linked to the 2021 riots.

The conservative commentator aired the first episode of his prime-time show to millions of viewers in an effort to change perceptions of the harsh siege it has brought on the world in favor of Donald Trump narrative.

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He promised more on Tuesday night.

Fox News’ pledge comes as Trump re-runs for president, with the cable news giant’s top executive acknowledging in an unrelated court proceeding that it propagated the former president despite privately dismissing Trump’s assertions. The President’s False Claims About the 2020 Election.

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The effort dovetails with efforts by Capitol Hill Republicans led by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, who turned over the security footage to Fox.

Republicans are trying to roll back the findings of a Jan. 6 House investigation that meticulously documented, through testimony and video evidence, how Trump rallying his supporters to the Capitol and “fighting like hell” as Congress proves his defeat Democrats Joe Biden.

Trump argued Tuesday that Carlson’s speech was “irrefutable” evidence that rioters were wrongly accused of crimes, and he thanked the moderator and speakers for their work. Carlson praised McCarthy for “correcting” the official record.

Trump repeated his call for the release of those convicted or pleading guilty to the attack.

Democrats, meanwhile, have come under fire as Trump supporters lay siege to American Democratic seats and Republicans try to amplify lies about the attack.

Rep. Bennie G. Thompson, the Democrat who chairs the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 riots, called McCarthy’s decision to selectively release security footage “negligent.”

“Despite repeated warnings about the sensitivity of this footage, the spokesperson believes that bowing down to Fox hosts who spread lies and propaganda is more important than protecting the Capitol,” Thompson said in a statement.

He called January 6 “one of the darkest days in our democratic history.”

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer called Carlson’s Monday night Fox News episode “one of the most disgraceful moments we’ve ever seen on television.”

Schumer said the show’s imagery was “an insult to every single officer,” especially the family of Brian Sicknick, who would later die after a fight with the mob. “Nonviolent? Ask his family.”

In the roughly 30-minute segment, Fox pulled thousands of hours of footage of the day’s horrific scenes at the Capitol, and did show some hand-to-hand combat as mobs besieged the building, breaking windows and kicking doors to enter.

But he also highlighted images of intruders, some in combat gear and waving flagpoles, just milling around the gilded hall, snapping pictures of their surroundings during the hours-long pause in the attack.

“These people aren’t insurgents. They’re tourists,” Carlson said.

The footage he played focused on one of the most high-profile rioters, Jackon Chanceley, the “QAnon shaman,” wearing a horned hat and shirtless, prowling around the building while police stood by or open the door. Chanceley pleaded guilty to a felony charge of obstructing official proceedings and was sentenced to 41 months in prison.

Carlson has denounced the Jan. 6 committee led by Democrats in this past Congress and called Trump’s leading Republican critics, Liz Cheney and Adam Kinsinger, liars on the panel.

He said most of the rioters “didn’t destroy the Capitol, they obviously revered the Capitol.”

Carlson is repeating the lie launched by Trump and his allies, including Republicans in Congress, that the attackers were peaceful protesters behaving like tourists despite the well-documented massacres, riots and their aftermath that day 5 of them died.

It was part of an effort to drop criminal charges for those charged in the attack, many of whom have pleaded guilty and said they regretted their actions on Jan. 6.

Capitol police who fought the mob testified to their harrowing stories – one said she slipped in someone else’s blood while another said she was crushed to death amid the mob – as they worked but ultimately failed to stop the mob storm the Capitol.

Those killed in the riots and their aftermath included Trump supporter Ashley Babbitt, who was shot dead by police, and Capitol police officer Shinick, who died after wrestling with mobs.

Carlson played footage of Sicknick picking up posters inside the Capitol and politely ushering protesters out the door, describing it as evidence the officer didn’t die in the crush.

The last was condemned by Capitol Police Commissioner Tom Manger as “the most disturbing allegation of the night”.

“The department insists, like any person with common sense, that if Officer Sicknick had not fought heroically for hours on the day he was violently attacked, then Officer Sicknick would not have died the next day,” the chief manager told the police force. said in the memo.

He said the show had “chosen carefully” from the calmer moments of the day, ignoring “chaos and violence that preceded or occurred during it”.

The Sicknick family said in a statement that the video simply shows that Brian Sicknick bravely returned to duty for a period of time after being attacked by the chemical agent.

Brian Sicknick’s brother, Ken Sicknick, said in an interview that the family “had a lot of trouble” with how to fight back against a network with millions of viewers and a Speaker of the House who provided video access. Overwhelmed.”

A congressional investigation into the Jan. 6 law enforcement failures conceded: Police failed to notice signs of an impending attack and were slow to provide an adequate response in time, including reinforcements from the National Guard stationed nearby.

Nearly 1,000 people have been charged by the Justice Department in the siege, with members of the extremist Proud Boys and Vow Keepers groups facing rare sedition charges for their roles on the front lines of the attack.

Several members of Vow Keepers found guilty of sedition

Most of the defendants face lesser misdemeanor charges for their presence during the siege.

Republicans on Capitol Hill are working to retell the history of Jan. 6 through the House Administration Committee, which has opened an online portal for public submissions.

Still, some Republicans appeared disturbed by McCarthy’s actions and the way the video was used.

Senator Thom Tillis of North Carolina called Carlson’s description of January 6 a “b————”.

Around Jan. 6, Senator John Thune of South Dakota, the No. 2 Republican, said: “This is an attack on the Capitol.” (AP)

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