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Princess Diana’s ‘bad grades in math’: Why Prince Harry said it | World News

Princess Diana’s ‘bad grades in math’: Why Prince Harry said it | World News

Prince Harry, In his memoir Spare, his late mother Princess Diana said in an interview that there were “three people” in her marriage to King Charles, referring to his affair with Camilla Parker Bowles, She was “wrong with math” at the time. In leaked memoirs ahead of their release on Jan. 10, Prince Harry quoted a quote from his late mother from 1995, writing: “She put Willy and I out of it.”

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“Of course we don’t understand what happened to her and dad, but we are intuitive enough that we sense the presence of another woman as we suffer downstream effects,” Prince Harry wrote.

King Charles finally married Camilla in April 2005. Princess Diana died in a car crash in 1997 after divorcing then-Prince Charles. Divorce comes after years of unhappy marriages. Prince Harry also claimed that he and his younger brother Prince William were dissuaded from calling for any investigation into the death of their mother, Prince Diana, to be reopened.

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Prince Harry wrote, “Specifically, the conclusive conclusion that our mother’s driver was drunk and, therefore, the sole cause of the accident. This is both simple and ridiculous.”

“Even if the guy had been drinking, even if he was drunk, he would have had no problem driving through such a short tunnel. Unless the paparazzi were following him and dazzled him,” Prince Harry said.

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Prince Harry expressed his anger at his mother’s death, saying in the book: “Why are those paparazzi getting away with it? Why don’t they go to jail? Who sent them? Why don’t those people go to jail too? Apart from corruption and cover-ups Is there any other reason besides the current order?”

“We have an agreement on all these issues and what should be done next. We will issue a statement and collectively ask for the investigation to be reopened. We may have a press conference. Those who decide to dissuade us,” he added.

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