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Review content: Love Vibe Cafe


Did Love Vibe pass the vibe check?

timeHis insatiable love for the UAE Instagram-worthy cafes And it shows no signs of slowing down. The pretty pink concept Vibe has been at the forefront of this movement in Dubai for some time now. The first cafe opened in Jumeirah, while the second cafe, a franchised branch in DIFC, also opened shortly thereafter. Now the Vibe team has expanded into the capital and developed its nomenclature, offering a “more sophisticated version” of its classic design in the form of the Love Vibe.

Located in the Khalifa City Community Market, this bright, airy space is not to be missed, with its signature pink furniture, neon signage and rose-hued staff uniforms. We pull out a stylish pink chair that says “Don’t Kill My Vibe” neon LED lights up.

love atmosphere

The digital menu takes us through a myriad of pun-inspired, pop-culture-inspired menu items, from “What did she order?” Fish fillet” to “Value for money.” This outpost isn’t licensed, but that doesn’t stop the drink The choices are diverse and exciting.We start with a refreshing virgin strawberry mojito (Dhs29) with generous slices of strawberries and mint.

We started with wild mushroom fritters with sweet chilli mayonnaise (Dh45 for four) as we never had a churros we didn’t like. Our streak continues and the fried balls are delicious, oozing a delicious creamy filling with just the right amount of crunch. We also sampled the beetroot hummus (Dhs35), which was a hunk of proper mauve sauce served with light tortilla chips. The hummus was delicious and delicious, but there was still a main course on the way.

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love atmosphere interior

Intrigued by the description, we ordered the “Braise Your Own” (159 dirhams). Slow-cooked Wagyu beef served in a mushroom and pepper sauce topped with crispy potatoes. The meat was tender, fell apart easily and absorbed the flavors of the juices, our only criticism was that the potatoes were not as crispy as we would have liked. In the pasta section, we opted for the “Pesto is yet to come” (65 dirhams). A large portion arrived, smeared with homemade basil pesto. There are also sun-dried tomatoes, chicken strips, and pimento cheese crumbles that add a delightful flavor to the dish.

For those with a sweet tooth, choose from the fresh cakes on display, or the signature pink pancakes (AED 61).

what was the verdict: Reasonably priced, another feature of Abu Dhabi cafes, it’s not just about pretty decorations.

Love Vibe Cafe, Khalifa City Community Market, Abu Dhabi, 7am-11pm daily. Tel: (0)2 622 0393. lovevibecafe.com

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