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Sea World Abu Dhabi | Miral’s new theme park in the UAE


A Revolutionary New Theme Park unprecedented scale, Sea World Abu Dhabi Recently opened to the public in the UAE capital spectacular opening ceremonycementing the city’s status as one of the world’s top leisure destinations.

Sea World Abu Dhabi is part of Miral’s ongoing transformation of Yas Island. This is a key driver of Abu Dhabi’s economic diversification under the UAE Vision 2030.

Yas Island

It’s hard to believe, but as recently as 2007, there wasn’t a single building on Yas Island.It now has not one but four world class theme parkamazing museums and multiple other entertainment and leisure venues.

Last year alone it celebrated 12 Formula 1 races and 11 years of operation Ferrari World Abu Dhabi together with winning over 80 Major awards And known as a tourist and hotel destination.

The new SeaWorld park marks the SeaWorld brand and parks in the area. So what sets it apart from other parks? Why is it so different from the existing Seaworld parks and why am I so eager to go back?

naval experience

miral experience logo

Sea World Abu Dhabi is owned and operated by Miral and was built under license from Sea World Parks and Entertainment. Its scale and ambition are striking, and its structure allows the visitor to see one stunning view after another, with many interesting angles along the way.

During my recent visit, the Antarctic region was still in the final stages of construction, and some tanks were not yet full. Still, it was a great experience and I’m already looking forward to my next visit to see how the park and its inhabitants have grown.

Land at Sea World Abu Dhabi

Unlike other SeaWorld parks, SeaWorld Abu Dhabi is a completely indoor experience (except for the Manta roller coaster’s 2-minute ride out of the building).The design of the sea world is also very novel, the park is divided into Eight Thematic “Areas”each representing a different marine environment.

It’s a hub-and-spoke design, with seven realms radiating from a central hub. These are Abu Dhabi Ocean, Rocky Point, Arctic, Antarctica, Small Ocean, Tropical Ocean, and Endless Ocean.

Celebrate Culture and Heritage

Visitors enter the 1.97 million-square-foot park through the first of these fields, Abu Dhabi Marine. Celebrating the heritage and culture of the Arabian Gulf and its marine life, SeaWorld Abu Dhabi is based on the pearling themes and stories of Yas Waterworld, Miral’s sister park that opened in 2013.

Leaving Abu Dhabi Ocean, the central hub of the theme park, an ocean, approached through a tunnel, would have made headlines in any other aquarium. The reveal is amazing.

Huge 15-meter-high digital screens surround the entire space (220 meters in circumference, equivalent to ten IMAX screens), providing a stunning welcome to the heart of the park.

A 5.4m diameter LED sphere adds further impact, completing the swirling ocean currents, creating a multifaceted wraparound experience. Images are crisp and sharp, and the overall effect is stunning.

One Ocean Live Show SeaWorld Abu Dhabi

The screens show footage taken from the world’s oceans during the lockdown – a logistical achievement in itself. The projection ball effect in the middle is simply amazing.

Sea World Abu Dhabi huge, endless aquarium

For me, the highlight of my trip was definitely the endless ocean. This is a huge aquarium. It is the largest in the world at 25 million liters and 20 meters deep and will soon be home to more than 68,000 animals.

Designed around a deep-sea discovery station on the seabed, visitors can observe fish from multiple vantage points. Aquarium designers often want to hide the view of other visitors peering through the glass from the other side of the tank. The idea is that this breaks the illusion of being underwater.

Sea World Abu Dhabi

However, this has been changed by endless oceans. The design and massive size and shape of the tank – like a sheet of sea – allows visitors to observe the fish (and their fellow humans) from multiple angles and levels. There is a tunnel through the tank with a dome at the bottom.

Adjacent to the dome at the bottom of the tank is a neat illusion. Through the openings in the rocks, the viewer can see farther into the dark depths, occasionally seeing a whale or a large shark passing by. This looking out to sea effect was created by underwater projection mapping onto submerged acrylic panels.

Another stunning moment is a 20 meter window, Endless Vista, which allows you to see the full depth of the tank.

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi 20m Aquarium - Blooloop image

Conservation at SeaWorld Abu Dhabi

There are of course rides and a more conventional theme park experience at the park.Two spectacular rides the InternetManta roller coaster and Hypersphere 360 ​​are undoubtedly highlights, plus multiple Zampella The rides at MicroOcean Fields are great for kids.

However, this is a park primarily aimed at educating and protecting the marine environment.

To this end, a central part of the project is the opening of the Yas Seaworld Research and Rescue Centre.Located on Yas Island, in the same huge building as SeaWorld Park, it is the MENA region’s first dedicated Marine Research and Rescue Center.

The facility, covering more than 8,000 square meters, will employ some 60 zoologists and scientists and will aim to rescue, rehabilitate and release marine animals.

The center includes a state-of-the-art veterinary hospital and a rescue clinic as well as over 25 rescue and rehabilitation tanks and laboratories. There is also an aquaculture facility and classrooms to educate the next generation of marine biologists.

Mohamed Abdalla Al Zaabi, CEO, Miral Group
Mohammad Abdullah Zabi

Pay attention to protection

Chief Executive Mohamed Al Zaabi is proud of what he and his team have achieved at SeaWorld Abu Dhabi.

in a interview A few days before the park opened, he spoke with Blooloop about his intimate relationship with the local marine environment. “As a young boy, I remember spending a lot of time near the water. Swimming, boating, chasing hermit crabs, marveling at the abundance of marine life and ultimately developing a deep love, respect and awe for the sea.”

It will also work closely with local authorities to help preserve the flora and fauna of the Arabian Gulf. This is a rich marine environment with dugongs, coral reefs, mangroves and sea grasses.

“We want to focus more on conservation, education, awareness and animal care,” Al Zaabi said.

Marine World Abu Dhabi Marine Medical Facility - Blooloop image

State-of-the-art medical facilities are also on display in the park. These give visitors a unique insight into the invaluable work done by zoologists.

Sea World’s Shaping Changes

All in all, an amazing attraction. Like earlier iterations of the SeaWorld brand, it’s no ordinary theme park. It’s not an aquarium either, it combines the best of both worlds. However, the scale and ambition of SeaWorld Abu Dhabi make it the next generation of seaworld.

The day before, Miral hosted a stunning opening for VIPs, a reception and preview for regional and international media.

While there is no current list of vendor companies involved in the project, I know that Miral works with a world-class team.this includes aquarium designercreative directors, LSS experts and technicians.

and cutting edge Technology, immersive themes, rides and experiences, and state-of-the-art animal research and conservation facilities, SeaWorld Abu Dhabi is truly a game-changer for the SeaWorld brand and the wider theme park industry.


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