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Seatrade Maritime signs major MoU with Emirates Shipping Association and YoungShip UAE

Seatrade Maritime signs major MoU with Emirates Shipping Association and YoungShip UAE

Seatrade Maritime held a networking reception at the Sofitel Jumeirah Beach ahead of Seatrade Maritime Logistics Middle East 2023, UAE Maritime Week’s flagship event. More than 150 industry participants attended the networking reception, bringing together some of the leading maritime and logistics professionals, thought leaders and decision makers on a common platform to foster connections, spark insightful discussions, share knowledge and discuss new Initiatives to cooperate to drive industry progress.

In addition to networking, the reception provided an ideal opportunity for attendees to interact and share important information on how the maritime and logistics industry has evolved over the years and plays a key role in driving regional and global economic growth.

Standard-bearer for regional sea development

During the reception, Informa Markets signed two memorandums of understanding. Informa Markets has signed its first agreement with the Emirates Shipping Association to provide the latter with the status of a “Strategic Support Organization” for Seatrade’s maritime logistics in the Middle East. The partnership between the two parties demonstrates their commitment to fostering the growth and development of the maritime industry in the region and provides a platform for its stakeholders to network, exchange ideas and engage with industry leaders.

Memorandum of Understanding between Informa Markets and Emirates Shipping Association

On behalf of the Emirates Shipping Association, Huma Qureshi, the organization’s General Manager, said: “We are delighted to enter into this partnership with Informa Markets. As a strategic supporter of Seatrade Maritime Logistics Middle East, the MoU will provide exclusive advantages including best-in-class marketing, exposure and Unparalleled networking opportunities that allow us to educate and raise awareness on issues related to the maritime cluster.As the world continues to recover from back-to-back crises, industries are returning to normal and increasing their reliance on seaborne trade, providing support for the region’s Exciting times for the maritime sector. We look forward to capitalizing on the opportunities this will bring to drive the industry forward together, while also serving the interests of our members, as the association will serve as a unified maritime voice for different stakeholders in the UAE”

Empowering the Next Generation of Maritime Professionals

Informa Markets has signed a second MoU with YoungShip UAE to promote the 20 Under 40 initiative and highlight the opportunities YoungShip UAE offers to aspiring maritime professionals in the region. As a result of the partnership, YoungShip UAE will be recognized as the ‘Supporting Organization’ for Seatrade Maritime Logistics in the Middle East, and in addition both parties will join forces to encourage the next generation of maritime leaders to participate in the industry for its safety, sustainability and growth.

Memorandum of Understanding between Informa Markets and YoungShip UAE

On behalf of YoungShip UAE, Captain Rami Al Breiki, chairman of the entity, said: “We look forward to the support of Informa Markets in promoting the advancement of the industry by recognizing skilled and qualified maritime professionals. The 20 Under 40 initiative is an important step towards achieving this goal One step further, we have found it important for us to support such efforts. By highlighting the achievements and experiences of young industry professionals, we will be able to educate young people about the lucrative and fulfilling opportunities the industry offers for successful careers, And attract more applicants who are willing to contribute to the development of the industry.”

Prepare for a successful event

Chris Morley, Seatrade Maritime Group Director, said of the importance of the reception and the double signing: “The networking reception is a step towards our goal of organizing an impactful event, conducive to industry development and expansion. With this reception, we were able to provide an invaluable opportunity for industry stakeholders to come together and strengthen their relationship with each other. Hence, we can confidently say that we were able to achieve our goals through this reception , and look forward to a successful Ocean of Attendees.”

“We are also proud to announce our partnership with the Emirates Shipping Association and YoungShip UAE. Both organizations have been working in the UAE for several years and have consistently contributed to the maintenance and advancement of the regional maritime sector. We believe , which is the right step forward to build on the respective capabilities of the two entities and work together to promote the development of the regional maritime sector,” Morley added.

Emma Howell, Middle East Development Director, Portfolio Middle East, Informa Markets Maritime & Cruise, said: “This networking event helps bring together the best minds across the industry to share insights and gain a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities of the decades ahead. Great way to promote our upcoming event in May 2023, raising awareness of it, the topics it will cover and the new initiatives it will be launching. The signing of two memorandums of understanding were the highlights of the reception, establishing our commitment to the coming months Years of commitment to industry growth and expansion.”
Source: UAE Maritime Week

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