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Shocking Titan revelation: “OceanGate CEO not interested in tourism” | World News


OceanGate CEO Stockton Rush, who embarked on an extreme tourism adventure that ended up dying along with four others, is alone responsible for the devastating tragedy. Not only did Rush knowingly take civilians to the deepest depths of the North Atlantic in uncertified submersibles, but he also disregarded long-established safety protocols that ensure the safety of manned submersible exploration.

OceanGate Expeditions CEO Stockton Rush (AP)
OceanGate Expeditions CEO Stockton Rush (AP)

What is the purpose of Stockton Rush launching OceanGate?

Las Vegas financier Jay Bloom was invited by Rush to join him on his Titanic trip, but he made a shocking revelation that cast doubt on his ability to start the firm. corporate intent. Bloom claimed that Rush wasn’t interested in tourism and that he just wanted to fund his Titanic obsession.

In an interview with The Washington Post, Bloom claimed he dropped plans to pay $500,000 for two tickets on the Titan because of red flags raised by his son. “Rush didn’t really want to build a Titanic tour business,” Bloom said. “He wanted to study and document the decay of the ship over time.”

Bloom claims that because multiple dives can cost a lot of money, Rush asked passengers to dive with him to participate in his scientific observations.

OceanGate CEO in Conversation with Jay Bloom

Bloom has shared text messages between him and Rush on Facebook since February, in which Rush can be seen convincing Bloom to take part in the project, fearing attacks from sperm whales or squid.

Screenshot of conversation shared by Las Vegas financier Jay Bloom, who was contacted by Stockton Rush to be part of his Titanic trip
Screenshot of conversation shared by Las Vegas financier Jay Bloom, who was contacted by Stockton Rush to be part of his Titanic trip

A big red flag for Bloom is that no training is required to get into the ship, “just crawl through the hatch,” he said.

As far as equipment goes, passengers are not allowed to wear shoes inside the submarine.

The submersible had made two trips to the Titanic before the fatal accident, with another one scheduled for 2024.

OceanGate CEO is reckless?

Prominent figures, including billionaire investor Ray Dalio, expressed outrage and accused Rush of acting recklessly by ignoring tried-and-tested security measures. Rush, who trained as an aerospace engineer, defended his decision to forego safety certification, saying the regulatory process hinders innovation and growth. He dismisses safety as unnecessary waste and accuses industry players of using safety arguments to hinder progress.

Inspired by Elon Musk’s space travel efforts, Rush has attracted wealthy travelers. The company’s goal is to provide submersibles capable of diving 4,000 meters below the surface, allowing people to experience the wonders of the ocean at a very low cost.

However, Rush’s arrogance and desire to cut costs lead to ill-conceived decisions. He switched from using steel-hulled subs to titanium-covered subs made of lightweight carbon fiber. Unfortunately, experts say carbon fiber has proven unreliable under the intense pressures of deep-sea diving, and its use in a submersible’s hull was a catastrophic oversight.


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