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‘The Last of Us’ Halloween, Jamie Foxx Love and Weekend Movies


If you’re craving a movie theater this weekend, here’s what’s happening in the entertainment world, from Halloween prep to a slew of movies.

haunted house

first hbo adaptation last survivor Video games have turned into a creepy but famous franchise on its Max streaming platform, and now Universal Studios is looking to bring the zombie apocalypse to life in a new haunted-house attraction.

It’s part of the company’s annual Halloween Horror Nights event at Hollywood and Orlando parks. Details about what happens to attendees once they enter the house are expected to be scant so as not to give away scary surprises, but it’s clear that they’re supposed to encounter some violent zombies infected with Cordyceps, a violence-inducing fungus.

The intrigue comes on the tenth anniversary of the video game, just after Max’s first season ended.Universal will announce nine more haunted houses at the two parks, at least one of which will be child’s play theme, the company revealed late last year.

The haunted house is scheduled to go live in September and will run through Halloween.

Jamie Foxx’s John Boyega

Jamie Foxx has not been seen in public since being hospitalized in April due to undisclosed medical complications. Now, as Foxx prepares for a new project, actor John Boyega wants to make sure people know just how special the actor, comedian and singer is.

On the red carpet at the American Black Film Festival, Boyega spoke about starring in an upcoming Netflix movie with Fox, they cloned tyrone.

“That’s someone I’ve been inspired by,” he told type“He’s definitely been one of the main drivers behind my career, helping me get roles, get opportunities, and I’m grateful for that.”

Fox will play a pimp in this sci-fi comedy about a massive government conspiracy to kidnap locals and experiment on them. The film will premiere on Netflix on July 15.

weekend watch

Need some viewing options for the weekend?If you don’t want to curl up on the couch with your favorite streaming service and our weekly what to play Follow the guide, there are many options in the cinema.

flashStarring the controversial Ezra Miller, it finally hits theaters this weekend. Surprisingly, despite Miller’s off-camera behavior, the project received glowing reviews. The film will follow The Flash as he travels back in time to save his family, but this trip has dire consequences for the future. Michael Keaton reprises his role as Batman for the first time since 1992, and ironically, The Flash is looking for him to retire to help save the world from destruction.

disney and pixar element It will also hit theaters after rave reviews. In fact, the film ended up at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival, It is said It got a five-minute standing ovation. It’s about an unlikely couple who spark a relationship after embarking on an adventure. They come from two very different worlds, even opposing in their elements (water and fire), but somehow make this budding relationship work – even if their families don’t approve.

Chris Hemsworth will return to the big screen this weekend Extract 2. He plays a black ops mercenary who, at least at the beginning of the film, is recovering after his first near-fatal battle extraction Movie. After recovering, he embarks on what may be his most important mission ever: to save the wife and children of an evil gangster.

Blackening It will also be released in theaters. Released just in time for the Juneteenth holiday weekend, a group of friends discover an old board game with dire consequences. Play a game based on Black trivia or die. The film is designed to be a horror satire, and you can quickly learn that from the trailer.


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