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UAE: How to access digital labor cards online for free


Dubai: If you are working in the UAE, you may need to provide your labor card number to access certain services, such as when filing a wage complaint or applying for a Golden Visa.

You can easily access the digital version of the card, the national digital identity for citizens and residents, through the UAE Pass app.

The process only takes a few minutes, and the service is free.

A Labor card or work permit Issued to all employees in the UAE by the Ministry of Human Resources and the Emirates (MOHRE) or the free zone where you may be working.

Below are all the details.

How to create an Emirates Pass account

Before you can access your labor card number, you must first download the UAE Pass app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and create an account. That’s it:

1. After downloading the app, open it and tap on the ‘Create Account’ option to register as a new user.
2. Accept the “Terms and Conditions” and click the “Continue” button.
3. If you have an Emirates ID, select the ‘Yes, scan now’ option.
4. Confirm the personal details retrieved from the scanned Emirates ID.
5. Verify your mobile number and email address.
6. Provide a one-time password (OTP) sent to your mobile number.
7. Next, enter the OTP sent to your email address.
8. Set up a PIN for the UAE Pass app.
9. After setting the PIN code, you can also choose to upgrade your UAE Pass account by scanning your face. 10. The UAE Pass app uses biometric face recognition (Face ID) to register users.
11. You can select “Start Face Verification” or select “Later”. If you choose the facial authentication option, you must allow the app to access your camera.
12. The app will then start the face verification process and send you a popup notification when it is complete.

Your UAE Pass account is now registered, allowing you to log in to over 1,000 UAE government websites and access digital versions of your important documents Emirates IDdriving license and residence permit.

How to find your labor card on the UAE Pass app.

After creating your account, you can now access your labor card on the UAE Pass app, here’s how:

1. Open the app and tap the Add Document category.
2. Next, scroll down until you see the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisations and click on Labor Cards
3. After that, you will see your Emirates ID number will be auto-filled by UAE Pass. Your Emirates ID number is required to obtain your labor card.
4. Next, slide the button to grant your request to access the document.
5. Click the “Confirm” button. You will then see the following message: “Your file has been successfully requested. You will be notified once the file is available.”
6. UAE Pass will notify you once the file is uploaded.
7. You can then go to the Documentation section on the menu tab at the bottom of the screen.
8. Click on Labor Card and you will be able to see your Labor Card number and employment details.
9. Click “View Document” to access the digital labor card.

You will be able to access the digital labor card in the Documents section of the UAE Pass app. Pictures are for illustration purposes.

Photo Credit: Huda Tabrez/Living in the UAE Editorial

If you need to share your labor card details with authorities, you can show them your digital labor card from the Emirates Pass.

To do this, open the document and click the “QR Verification” button below it. Next, government officials or employees can scan the Quick Response (QR) code to verify the authenticity and validity of the document.

Documents stored in the application are protected by blockchain technology, which ensures that digital documents cannot be tampered with and can be submitted digitally by applicants.


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