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UAE launches UAE Asteroid Belt mission


united arab emirates announced plans to launch a spacecraft into the main asteroid belt of the solar system, adding that they hope the spacecraft will be ready for launch by 2028.

The spacecraft will be named MBR after Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

“This mission is a follow-up and follow-up to the mission to Mars, which is the first mission to Mars in the region,” told Al-Arabia. Mohsen al-Awadhi, Project Director, UAE Asteroid Belt Mission. “We’re creating the same thing with this mission. That is, it’s the first-ever mission to specifically explore these seven asteroids, and the first from a Grand Tour perspective.”

The mission will be 10 times longer than the mission to Mars, totaling The estimated travel distance is 5 billion km.

The designer of this task aims to design spacecraft According to Al-Arabiya, it is capable of traveling at a speed of 33,000 kilometers per hour. The mission could take seven years to explore six asteroids.

The H-2A rocket carrying the Hope Probe, developed for Mars exploration by the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center (MBRSC) in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), lifts off from the launch pad at Tanegashima Space Center in Southwest Tanegashima, In Japan, this photo was taken by Kyodo News on July 2 (Photo: KYODO/VIA REUTERS)

goal of a space mission

Scientists hope the mission will provide a deeper understanding of the development of life, as the spacecraft is scheduled to land in 2034 on a rare asteroid called Justitia, which contains organic compounds. Water has also been found on similar asteroids.

“It’s one of the two reddest objects in the asteroid belt, and scientists don’t really understand why it’s so red,” said Hoor Al-Maazmi, a space science researcher at the UAE Space Agency. “There are theories that it originally came from the Kuiper belt, where there are more red objects. So that’s one thing we can look at, because it’s also potentially rich in water.”

“The UAE Asteroid Belt Exploration Mission is the first of its kind to explore and land on asteroids in the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Spacecraft design, complete mission phases , scientific goals and key role in advancing our understanding of the solar system are revealed,” the UAE space agency tweeted.

UAE leader Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum tweeted: “Praise God we have launched one of our most important projects in space at Qasr Al Watan” UAE Exploration The scientific details of the “Asteroid Belt Project”. The project will last for 13 years.. 6 years of development, 7 years of exploration.. During the period, the UAE spacecraft MBR Explorer will travel 5 billion kilometers around Mars, explore 7 asteroids, and Landing on the last asteroid in 2034..”

“The UAE project to explore the asteroid belt is a huge national science project…and a unique global research and knowledge project…it will include the establishment of a private UAE space technology company, the establishment of a deep space ground control center mission, and the Training of new UAE cadres in the Ministry. The vehicle will travel 10 times as far as the Nozomi probe.”

“The UAE can fly 5 billion kilometers in space for one reason: it believes in its youth and the empowerment of children… whoever does not believe in the capabilities of our ambitious Emirati youth in every field will Need to re-examine himself, review his love and loyalty to his country…”


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