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WORLD NEWS | Four countries launch public campaign to improve cybersecurity

WORLD NEWS | Four countries launch public campaign to improve cybersecurity

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WASHINGTON, Feb. 8 (PTI) The Quartet — a plurilateral framework comprising India, Australia, Japan and the United States — has announced the launch of a public campaign to improve cybersecurity in the four countries.

The campaign, known as the “Quad Internet Challenge,” has invited Internet users in the Indo-Pacific region and beyond to join in a pledge to develop safe and responsible online habits, the White House said.

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According to a media release, the initiative reflects Quad’s ongoing efforts to increase cybersecurity awareness and action and foster a safer and more resilient cyber ecosystem for the benefit of economies and users around the world.

National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said: “Together with our four-way partners, we launched the Cyber ​​Challenge to advance our nation’s cybersecurity. Together, we are asking individuals and companies to commit to taking simple actions to protect themselves and their customers.”

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Internet users around the world are targeted by cybercrime and other malicious cyber threats that can cost trillions of dollars each year and compromise sensitive personal data, the release said.

Many cyberattacks can be prevented with simple precautions, it said, adding that internet users and providers can take small steps together to significantly improve cybersecurity and network security.

These steps include regularly installing security updates, enabling enhanced identity checks through multi-factor authentication, using stronger passwords that are changed regularly, and knowing how to spot common online scams like phishing.

“The challenge provides resources for all users—from corporations to educational institutions, small businesses, and individuals from elementary school students to senior citizens—such as essential cybersecurity information and training, and will be featured during the week of April 10 Climax,” the White House said.

“Quad Partners is working hard to ensure everyone has access to the resources they need to make informed decisions online and with smart devices. Learn what you and your organization can do to create a more secure, secure and resilient cyberspace , so that together we can better protect against cyber threats,” it said.

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