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xQc promises to finally run Twitch subathon, but there’s still a wait

xQc promises to finally run Twitch subathon, but there’s still a wait

published: 2023-01-03T13:40:35

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Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has given an update on when he plans to start his long-awaited sub-marathon after promising to start it months ago.

Back in March 2021, Ludwig ignited Twitch when he launched his Twitch subathon — spawning a new phenomenon that many streamers have followed suit.

The premise of the subathon is simple, every time a streamer gets a subscription, time is added to a countdown clock to determine how long they have to stream. As a result, some streams last for weeks at a time, Ludwig’s original idea lasted 31 days before drawing natural conclusions.

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As mentioned, some of Twitch’s biggest names have since run their own sub-marathons, including xQc promises his fans he’ll be a part of it too. So far, though, Canadians haven’t done that.

xQc commits to long-awaited sub-marathon in 2023

Well, as the calendar turns to 2023, wxya An update has been provided on when this long-awaited sub-marathon will take place.

When laying out his New Year’s resolutions during a Jan. 2 stream, the former Overwatch star noted that he hopes to hold a submarathon by “Q3” in 2023.

That means he’s planning to hold off for a while, and it probably won’t happen until after the summer numbers come out, which means fans are still waiting a long time to see him start submarathons.

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Some were very skeptical that it would happen at this point, with some viewers noticing that the xQc subathon was no different than his current stream.

The Canadian has been known to stream for more than 24 hours at a time before returning to stream after a short break. Still, the real sub-marathon will likely see him far surpass his previous record of over 102,000 subscribers.

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