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You can now get 50% off Covid-19 related fines in the UAE

Get discounts where possible…

Haven’t had a chance to pay a Covid-19 fine in the UAE yet? Now’s your chance, as 50% off for the next two months.

The pandemic is a turbulent time with strict rules in place to keep us as safe as possible, and the UAE has a fairly extensive list of rules in place to keep residents safe. And now, UAE residents who have been fined for breaching Covid-19 regulations during the pandemic are getting discounts on top of the fines they have received.

The Covid-19 safety rules were introduced at different stages of the pandemic, but as Ramadan approached, the Office of the Emergencies, Crisis and Disasters Prosecutor announced a 50% discount on fines.

Discounts available starting Wednesday, March 15th. You only have two months to take advantage of this offer.

Are there fines to pay off? You can use Ministry of the Interior or police websites and apps.

Fines during the epidemic

Fines for not wearing a mask include Dhs3,000Dhs20,000 for providing incorrect information to evade quarantine or precautionary measures, and Dhs20,000 for promoting or posting misleading information or rumors related to coronavirus.

In September 2022, the authorities announced that it would no longer be mandatory to wear masks in indoor venues. In November, all Covid-19 restrictions were lifted, including the requirement to have green status in Al Hosn, proof of a PCR test or vaccination status in Abu Dhabi.

Since the pandemic began in January 2020, more than 199 million PCR tests have been performed and nearly 25 million vaccine doses have been administered nationwide.

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