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Beeah Collaborates with Electric Vehicle Startup to Propel the Shift Towards Sustainable Mobility

Sharjah’s Beeah Group, renowned for its environmental innovations, has announced a groundbreaking partnership to spearhead the shift towards green mobility. In collaboration with Dubai-based startup Peec Mobility and the Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park (SRTIP), this initiative aims to transform end-of-life petrol vehicles into electric vehicles (EVs) through cutting-edge repurposing technology.

Strategic Alignment with UAE Net Zero by 2050

Aligned with the UAE Net Zero by 2050 Strategic Initiative, this partnership seeks to accelerate the electrification of major vehicle fleets in Sharjah. Peec Mobility, recognized for designing the UAE’s first home-grown petrol-to-electric repurposed vehicle, will play a pivotal role in driving the technological aspects of this transformative collaboration.

Commitment to National and Global Sustainability Goals: Beeah

This joint effort underscores Beeah’s commitment to supporting both national and global sustainability goals, focusing on zero-waste, circularity, sustainable transport, and decarbonization.

Key Figures Unveil the Partnership

The formal announcement took place at Beeah Headquarters in Sharjah, with key figures such as Sheikha Bodour bint Sultan Al Qasimi, Khaled Al Huraimel (CEO of Beeah), Zach Faizal (Founder of Peec Mobility), and Hussain Al Mahmoudi (CEO of SRTIP) participating in the signing ceremony.

Exploring Electrification Beyond the Initial Phase

Following the successful deployment of the repurposed truck, the collaboration aims to extend its impact by exploring the electrification of Beeah’s waste collection vehicles.

Academic Engagement for Skill Development

Beyond technological advancements, the initiative will engage with academic institutions in Sharjah to drive skill development, knowledge-sharing, and employment opportunities, marking a holistic approach to sustainable innovation.

Driving the UAE’s Green Mobility Vision

Khaled Al Huraimel emphasized Beeah’s dedication to supporting Sharjah and the UAE in their transition to green mobility, starting with Beeah’s own fleet. The collaboration with Peec Mobility, utilizing custom repurposing technology, signifies a significant step toward sustainable transport and aligns with the UAE’s ambitious goal to increase the share of electric vehicles on the roads to 50% by 2050.

Sustainable Solutions for Net Zero Targets

Zach Faizal highlighted the environmental impact of current efforts to achieve net-zero targets, emphasizing the need for sustainable solutions. Peec Mobility’s approach involves repurposing retired petrol vehicles using the “ReMethod” engineering process, thereby reducing the environmental impact of vehicle manufacturing.

Pilot Project “ReTruck” Marks a Milestone

The joint initiative includes the pilot project “ReTruck,” where a Beeah waste collection truck will undergo repurposing using Peec’s method. Waste generated during this pilot will be recycled at Beeah’s integrated waste management complex, contributing to Sharjah’s impressive 90% landfill waste diversion rate.

Collaborative Recycling for Circular Economy

In addition to vehicle repurposing, Peec Mobility and Beeah will collaborate on recycling and repurposing materials and spare parts, with a specific focus on end-of-life batteries from electric vehicles. This collaborative effort aims to contribute to the creation of a circular economy, supporting net-zero emissions goals in the UAE and beyond.

Forward-Thinking Partnership for a Greener Future

This partnership between Beeah, Peec Mobility, and SRTIP represents a forward-thinking approach to sustainable mobility, combining innovation, environmental responsibility, and strategic collaboration to drive positive change for a greener future.

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