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Dubai Prepares for Decreasing Temperatures with Anticipation of Heavy Rains in Some Areas of the UAE

In the upcoming days, residents of the UAE should prepare for a shift towards cooler temperatures, accompanied by a touch of unpredictability in the overall weather conditions.

Dubai’s Temperature Outlook: Cooler Days Ahead

Dubai, in particular, is set to experience a noticeable drop in temperatures ranging from 2 to 4°C until Friday, creating a relatively chilly atmosphere. The mercury is projected to linger around 25°C, with evening temperatures descending to 17°C.

Rainfall Predictions Across the Emirates: Temperatures 

Additionally, there is a potential for light rainfall in select areas of the Emirates, with the prediction of heavy showers concentrated over Ras Al Khaimah.

Insights from the National Centre of Meteorology

Dr. Ahmed Habib from the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) shared insights with Khaleej Times, detailing the weather expectations and the factors influencing the changes.

Weather Dynamics: From Cloud Cover to Sea Conditions

“Thursday will see medium to low cloud cover over both land and sea. Anticipate some rainfall as the pressure system progresses, moving steadily towards the coastal area between Abu Dhabi and Dubai. This will be due to a swift passage of a westward-moving low-pressure system over the UAE. Starting today (Thursday) from late morning onwards, this pressure system will quickly traverse the region.”

Regional Rainfall Predictions and Sea Conditions

Dr. Habib highlighted the humidity expected over internal and northern areas, describing the day as fair to partly cloudy, occasionally cloudy over islands, and certain coastal and northern regions, with a chance of rainfall. The sea conditions are also expected to be affected, with rough to very rough conditions in the Arabian Gulf.

Recalling November’s Heavy Rainfall

Reflecting on heavy rainfall in November, particularly in Dubai, Dr. Habib noted water-logging in various parts of the emirate.

Winter Onset: Transitioning from Autumn to Winter

Discussing the onset of winter, Dr. Habib emphasized that the UAE is concluding the autumn season, with winter officially commencing around December 22-23. He provided insights into the country’s temperature trends and what to expect as winter approaches.

Weather Precautions: Authorities’ Warnings and Resident Preparedness

Dr. Habib also emphasized the need for precautions, especially in areas prone to water accumulation, based on the lessons learned from the heavy rainfall in November.

Looking Ahead: Winter Temperature Patterns

“The country has been experiencing average temperatures until now. Actually, it has been a bit higher than average. This will likely continue with sporadic temperature drops that we will experience for a couple of days until winter commences in the third week of December. Typically, January is the coldest month of the year in the UAE, with February also recording temperatures less than December,” he added.

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