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Eid al-Adha holidays – UAE residents cannot bring these items


It is vital that residents of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) know what tourists can and cannot bring in their luggage, as the large number of travelers United Arab Emirates Citizens are preparing to travel to their countries for Eid al-Adha and summer holidays. Before departure, travelers should check their luggage to make sure there are no items that could cause problems at the airport.To ease the stress, Emirates and Etihad airline Certain things are restricted during the flight.

The following is a list of prohibited items

• Personal Motor Vehicles
Attachment box
lighter fuel
disable device
shock weapon
Items Containing Explosives
Perishable items with a strong odor
sharp things
mercury thermometer or barometer

Before packing the luggage, passengers must ensure that there are no items that may cause difficulties at the departure and arrival airports. The airline’s website has a list of materials that are not allowed to be carried while flying.For safety reasons, some drug Products cannot be placed in carry-on or checked baggage.

potentially life-threatening substances or chemicals healthy Flights that affect the safety of passengers or damage the aircraft are prohibited, according to the Emirates website. These items are not allowed on board. According to the website, “Emirates prohibits the transport of any smart balance wheels (even with the lithium battery removed) as checked or carry-on baggage.


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