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Exploring the Trading World With Morfin Fx – M. Ibnu Jala

In this interview, we had the pleasure of speaking with M. Ibnu Jala, a seasoned trader with years of experience in the financial markets and the Founder and CEO of Morfin Fx. Ibnu shared with us his journey in the trading world, his views on the role of technology in business, and the values that drive his company’s success. We also had the opportunity to learn about his company’s upcoming projects and services, as well as his insights on the importance of market psychology in trading. Join us in this insightful conversation with M. Ibnu Jala below.

What’s the idea behind Your Company?     

“Train, trade, and thrive.” This mantra encompasses the core values that drive my business and our commitment to helping individuals succeed.

How did you begin your career journey?

Ten years ago, I began my career journey as a regular trader. However, my passion for the field drove me to learn more and explore beyond my local trading community. I sought knowledge from foreign traders and absorbed as much information as I could to enhance my understanding of the industry.

As I gained more experience and insights, I began to see opportunities for improvement and growth. I decided to pursue additional education and training, and through hard work and dedication, I was able to develop my skills and expand my horizons.

Do you have some advice for beginners? 

Adopting a long-term survival mentality, even in the absence of immediate profit, is crucial for trading. You should make consistent profits and be happy with that, and don’t focus on big profits or risky trades initially. Later on, as your experience grows, you will understand what to do and what not to grow your profits.

What’s the goal of Your Company? 

Our mission is to make trading accessible to people from all walks of life. We strive to become the world’s top company in this industry while also ensuring our clients are able to achieve maximum profitability.

How important are employees’ energy levels to the success of Your Company?

M. Ibnu Jala, CEO & Founder of Morfin FX Receiving The Golden VISA
M. Ibnu Jala, CEO & Founder of Morfin FX Receiving The Golden VISA

At our company, we operate like a family, valuing strong relationships and teamwork. Our employees are not only active but also mature, responsible, and dedicated to their work. We believe that a positive, collaborative work environment is essential for achieving success and driving growth.

How do you plan to motivate your team to go the extra mile?

Team Morfin Fx
Morfin Fx
Team Morfin Fx
Morfin Fx

They are not just employees but instead are also a part of our enterprise, and we have a lot of incentive initiatives for them. We also have the best work-life balance culture with a lot of supporting activities to keep their energy level high.

What keeps Your Company moving forward even during challenges?

Our company is guided by a set of core values that are deeply ingrained in everything we do. This has allowed us to develop a strong sense of purpose and a clear vision for the future, which helps us stay motivated and focused even during challenging times.

How do you think technology is leading to changes in businesses?

As a technology-driven company, we are always looking for ways to harness the power of technology to drive innovation and growth. That is why we are setting up an exclusive team in Russia for that.

Do you feel it’s helping Your Company grow?

Absolutely! Technology has been a critical factor in driving our company’s growth. By leveraging the latest technologies, we have been able to streamline our operations, reduce costs, and deliver more value to our customers.

Do you use innovative ideas to be unique?

Of course, we believe that using innovative ideas is crucial to stand out in the market and provide our customers with unique solutions that meet their needs.

What are the services/solutions or products offered by Your Company as par with the current industry standards?

At MorfinFX, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of services and solutions that are in line with the latest industry standards. Our flagship offering is our online trading platform, which provides users with a user-friendly interface, advanced charting tools, and real-time market data. In addition to this, we also offer 24×7 technical support in multiple languages, ensuring that our clients can access assistance whenever they need it.

We also provide a range of educational resources, including webinars, video tutorials, and market analysis reports, to help our clients make informed trading decisions. Overall, we are committed to delivering innovative and cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving needs of our clients and the market.

Tell us something about your upcoming products or services.

One area that we are particularly focused on is the development of our own AI-driven Expert Advisors (EAs). These EAs will leverage the latest advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide our clients with more sophisticated trading tools and analysis.

Would you like to say anything else to our viewers? 

Explore & enjoy the world of trading along with your existing domain. We stress more on market psychology than trading technicals.

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