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K-drama featuring some of the best father figures in entertainment history


From the parenting pop who always sneaks a dad joke (or two) to the stoic patriarch with a nuanced outlook on life — Korean dramas bring to life the most diverse (fictional) father figures. Here are some videos that made an entire generation of viewers laugh, cry and listen to more.

Some of the world’s most engaging shows and movies are fueled by well-written father characters.For example, the highly rated sitcom modern FamilyWidely acclaimed to kill a mockingbirdor cult classic Doubt Mrs. Each is pop-focused – despite being completely different in most things and mannerisms – but they share a passion for parenting. They go above and beyond for their children, growing over time to better meet their needs. while imparting life lessons that have stayed with viewers for years. korean drama No exception – stand out with a big heart. They’re self-sacrificing, attentive, goofy and affectionate — raising a whole generation of entertainment lovers and their off-screen descendants. We’re looking for some K-drama father figures to celebrate (in no particular order).

Korean dramas with the best father characters ever

Hwang Yong Sik (Kang Ha Neul) in when the camellias bloom

Despite being led by a single mother, this K-drama has a father figure with an attentive partner with open arms. Hwang Young-sik is a policeman who is very good at his job. He moves to his hometown and falls in love with the protagonist, who also happens to be Pil-gu’s parents – vowing to protect them forever. However, he did more than that, he also went out of his way to understand his child’s emotions and needs, take him to arcade games, protect him from bullying, and step in when necessary. While often hilarious, his intense pursuit of a leading serial killer makes him an all-around father figure.

Li Yijun (played by Cao Zhengshu) in hospital playlist

Another adorable single father, Lee Ik-joon, is a doctor as well as a brilliant pop musician. He manages to keep his son Uju humorous – raising him while also indulging in his little desires (usually food), making time to bond with him no matter what his schedule is, and always showing him love and love. The two joked about it, went camping together, and lived life together. At one point, Uju declares to his father, “You’re my favorite person in the whole world.” If that’s not a strong nod to his pop skills, we don’t know what is.

Hong Youcan (Yoo Jae-myung) in Vincenzo

There is tension between the upstanding “Mr. Hong” and the successful lawyer’s daughter and her morally ambiguous practice. However, he always has her best interests at heart. He is a lawyer himself and CEO of the law firm Jipuragi — which handles cases in favor of the poor or vulnerable — often opposing corrupt corporations in the process. To this end, he goes to great lengths to protect the inhabitants of a building that is about to be demolished by the dilapidated Babel Group – represented by his daughter.

With a good heart, he berates her for sacrificing integrity for money, while keeping her safe and well fed. In fact, despite their heated banter—often cute and hilarious—his pride in his daughter’s success and confidence in her abilities is evident in a few moments. He is steadfast in his pursuit of justice — only to discover, in the end, that sometimes the only solution is to fight evil with evil. “But I can’t be a monster,” he told the team leader, hoping someone would take the blame for him. Thankfully, his daughter got that wish.

Park Sung Yeol (Son Hyun Joo) Itaewon class

Although his appearance was short, Park Sung-yeol, the father of the former Jangga Group employee and Itaewon monitor, made the audience reach for a tissue. A man of integrity – he taught his son to stand his ground and fight for what was fair. He always believed in and supported his son, stood by him when he was arrested for bullying, and gave him hope in the face of adversity. His untimely death drives the protagonist to a relentless pursuit of success and vengeance—while never giving up all the morals he inherited.

Ahn Gil-Kang at Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Fried chicken restaurant owner and former weightlifter Kim Chang-Gul is the quintessential supportive single dad. He goes out of his way to make sure his athlete daughter wants nothing, nurturing her through her success and heartbreak. He’s sensitive to her needs, giving her a break when she loses motivation, rather than pushing her further and apologizing when he feels out of place. Yet he wasn’t afraid to educate her as she tried to change herself for the sake of a man’s affections and learn to understand a teenage girl’s changing moods and phases. While also offering free food to her teammates, friends, and anyone who can support her with his trademark smile and mischievousness.

Woo Kwang Ho (Jeon Bae Soo) Extraordinary Lawyer Wu

Single parenting can be challenging, but Oh Kwang Ho embraces it with open arms and passionate dedication. While supporting an autistic daughter and putting myself through law school (Seoul National University). He gave up his ambition to run a laver restaurant in order to provide for the children who could only eat laver rice. He also encouraged her to study law after observing how she recited textbooks as a child. Despite being called a “daughter idiot” for his commitment to his daughter, he is always in communication with his daughter, willing to do most things for her well-being.

Choi Gongpil (Byung Hee Bong) and Dapyeong (Shin Junggeun) at Pinocchio

In a heartbreaking episode of estranged mother-son relationship, fathers Choi Gong-pil and Da-pyung bring joy. The two supported their respective children through life’s turmoil with fierce dedication and undeniable warmth. They believe in their children and are proud of them, parenting harshly on the right and wrong of their lives while allowing them to return to their nurturing family no matter what mistakes they made. If that’s not fatherly love, we don’t know what is.

Which of these K-drama father characters do you think best fits their respective roles?

All images: Courtesy of Netflix/IMDB


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