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UAE AI, cloud computing firm celebrates fifth anniversary with major event – News


CEO talks company’s humble beginnings, journey so far, promising future and the importance of relationships

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published: Saturday, June 24, 2023 at 3:01 pm

G42, the UAE’s leading AI and cloud computing technology company, celebrated its fifth anniversary by hosting Supercharged, an all-employee town hall event inspired by AI’s potential to be a game-changing utility for everyone a process or industry. The event featured remarks by Peng Xiao, CEO of G42 Group, as well as guest speakers including world-renowned technologist and inventor Alex Kipman.

Since its establishment in 2018, the G42 has been a force multiplier for the UAE’s innovation and digital transformation efforts, contributing to the country’s ability to compete in the global AI market.

At the event, Peng Xiao spoke about the company’s beginnings, its journey so far, its promising future, and the importance of relationships.

Going forward, G42 will continue to be at the forefront of breakthrough technologies, including quantum computing, genomics, personalized medicine, smart mobility and sustainable development, leveraging its vast network of partners to lead the development of visionary artificial intelligence and create more better tomorrow.

Over the past five years, G42 has experienced continued growth and expansion as the adoption of artificial intelligence technologies is transforming industries around the world. Since its inception as a team of 30, G42 has grown into a vibrant and diverse community of more than 22,000 AI experts, engineers, and visionaries from over 85 countries. The company’s growth reflects its employees’ dedication to championing artificial intelligence as a solution and pushing its boundaries to solve the world’s most complex problems.

Some of the most influential efforts of the G42 over the past five years include:

● Leading the COVID-19 response: G42 Healthcare is at the forefront of the UAE’s COVID-19 response – both in terms of diagnosis and prevention. G42 Healthcare established a Biogenix laboratory in just 14 days to meet the urgent need to scale up COVID-19 testing in early 2020. Subsequently, G42 cooperated with Sinopharm to accelerate the development of vaccines to support the international community in the fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic. And established Hayat Biotech to launch the first COVID-19 vaccine produced in the Arab world.

● Collaboration and Partnership: Over the years, G42 has worked with some of the world’s leading organizations, including AstraZeneca, AWS, Cisco, IBM, Illumina, Microsoft, Nvidia, Oracle, Schlumberger, and more. The G42 also has a multi-year partnership with the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula 1 team aimed at unlocking the full potential of artificial intelligence in motorsport.

● Revolutionizing healthcare in the UAE: G42 Healthcare, in partnership with the Abu Dhabi Department of Health, launched the UAE Genome Initiative (now a federal initiative) to use genomic data to improve the health of the UAE population and accelerate progress towards preventive disease transition. and personalized healthcare systems. Additionally, in 2023, G42 and Mubadala joined forces to launch M42, the first technology-enabled integrated healthcare company that quickly became the largest healthcare company in the Middle East.

● Transforming oil and gas energy: In 2021, G42 and ADNOC will form a joint venture AIQ, an entity aimed at developing and commercializing market-leading artificial intelligence-based technology solutions for the oil and gas industry. AIQ has since partnered with and invested in future energy technology companies to lead the energy transition.

● Business expansion: G42 expanded its operating company in 2020 with the acquisition of Bayanat (currently a leading provider of artificial intelligence geospatial solutions), Khazna Data Centers (specialists in the design, construction and operation of state-of-the-art wholesale data centers) combination. Data Center) and Injazat (a company that provides and manages innovative end-to-end digital solutions and platforms, tailored to industry-specific needs).

● Investing Globally: Following the historic Abraham Accords, G42 became the first Emirati company to open an international office in Israel in 2020, establishing a formal business presence, strengthening relations between the two countries, and contributing to the bilateral economy Growth lays the groundwork. G42 also launched the 42X Fund in 2022 to drive global innovation by investing in late-stage growth companies.

● Revolutionize mobility: Abu Dhabi has become the first city to have a commercial robo-taxi service as Bayanat launches phase 1 trials of its robo-taxi TXAI in 2021. Bayanat continues to provide mobility solutions and recently launched a fleet of self-driving “robot buses” in Abu Dhabi. Advocate for public safety: As Expo 2020 Dubai’s premier artificial intelligence partner, G42 provides computer vision technology and Analytical capabilities to deliver a safe and seamless experience to more than 25 million visitors throughout the event, making for operational excellence in a post-pandemic world ● Leading IPO in the UAE: 2022, Bayanat to be first and only in the MENA region Listed geospatial intelligence company whose successful IPO was 41 times oversubscribed within hours of opening. Presight’s IPO continues the MENA IPO frenzy a few months later and demonstrates investor appetite for The interest in artificial intelligence technology has been oversubscribed 136 times.

● Supporting employees: G42 has been named one of the UAE’s 25 best large workplaces for 2023 by global research, training and consulting firm Great Place to Work.

As the G42 enters a new chapter, it remains focused on advancing AI progress and fostering collaboration to ensure the ethical and responsible development of AI technologies for the benefit of all. G42 is committed to exploring new frontiers through the advancement of artificial intelligence, in an environmentally sustainable manner, and based on authenticity, trust, innovation and integrity.

About G42

G42 is a technology holding group and a global leader in creating visionary artificial intelligence for a better tomorrow. G42 was born in Abu Dhabi, with operations all over the world, advocating artificial intelligence to become a powerful force for cross-industry benefit. The Chinese people are constantly reimagining the uses of technology, applying advanced thinking and innovation to accelerate progress and solve society’s most pressing problems.

The G42 is driving change in the MENA region and beyond, joining forces with countries, businesses and individuals to shape the digital infrastructure of the world of tomorrow. From molecular medicine to space travel and everything in between, the G42 enables exponential possibilities today.


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