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St. Patrick’s Day 2023: Everything you need to know | World News

St. Patrick’s Day The death of Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, is commemorated on March 17 each year. The day is considered a public holiday in Ireland, Northern Ireland and countries around the world including the US, Canada and Australia, with celebrations marked by parades, music, dancing and wearing green attire.

St. Patrick’s Day: Green is closely associated with St. Patrick’s Day for a number of reasons. (Istock)

Green the Chicago River:

In addition to these festivities, a longstanding tradition to mark the day is to dye the Chicago River green.according to the report CNN (article beyond paywall), it is said that in 1962 a local plumber poured a small amount of green dye into the river, turning the water bright green and the tradition of killing the river began. Since then, it has become an annual St. Patrick’s Day ceremony in Chicago.

People who dye rivers prefer environmentally friendly colors over chemical ones. The recipe for their eco-friendly dyes remains a closely guarded secret, the report added.


The day commemorates the death of Saint Patrick, who was born in England and was kidnapped and enslaved on the Emerald Isle. Although he eventually escaped, he returned and promoted Christianity throughout the island.according to the report usa todaythe saint was imprisoned in Ireland for about six years.

He has been honored in Ireland and other countries since the ninth or tenth century. However, he survived as a saint, although the Catholic Church never declared him a saint.

The first St. Patrick’s Day was celebrated in what was then the Spanish colony (now St. Augustine, Florida) in 1600. The first parade took place on March 17, 1601, and was recorded in the Spanish Colonial Archives in 1600.

St. Patrick’s legacy endures in America, especially in the populous parts of Ireland. The report added that St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City, one of the most famous churches in the United States, was built to “proclaim the virtues of religious freedom and tolerance.”

Significance of green on St. Patrick’s Day:

The color green is closely associated with St. Patrick’s Day for a number of reasons. Ireland’s nickname is the “Emerald Isle” because of its green landscape and is therefore considered the national color of Ireland. According to USA Today, St. Patrick used a green shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity to the people of Ireland.

“Irish-Americans would wear green to remind them that they were nationalists first. The colors of the Irish flag are green, white and orange, green symbolizing Irish nationalism, orange the Orangemen of the North and white the Peace,” Brian Waite, cultural exhibit coordinator for the Milwaukee Irish Festival, told USA TODAY.

The St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Manchester, New Hampshire is said to be the largest of its kind in the state. It travels a 2.5 mile route. The report added that the march will take place on Sunday, March 26, 2023 and will be organized by a small group of volunteers.

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